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Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, but chances are that’s not the kind of love and affection you’re looking for. Unfortunately, when it comes to the romantic version of those things, Philly is distinctly lacking. A 2024 study found that Philadelphia is the “most single” (i.e. unmarried) city in the United States. That’s pretty bleak.

As in any big city, Philadelphia’s single population deals with a common set of dating challenges. The large number of potential dates makes it harder to commit. It’s burdensome to cross neighborhood lines for a night out. Busy schedules leave little time for first dates. When you put this all together, it’s no surprise that so many folks are struggling to find love.

Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle anymore. Tawkify’s team of professional matchmakers are here in Philly and are ready to help you meet your match. The Liberty Bell is already broken. Your heart doesn’t have to be.

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Imagine you’re trying to find the best Philly cheesesteak that your city has to offer. There are a few ways you could approach this: you could go to every spot in the city that serves it, wasting a ton of time and money in your pursuit of good food. Or you could go on the internet, wading through pages of conflicting reviews and dozens of websites promising their cheesesteak is number one. There’s a third option, but it’s probably one you wouldn’t think of: hiring a team of private detectives who have extensive knowledge about all things Philly cheesesteak, who take the time to conduct thorough interviews with you, and who can find you not just the best Philly cheesesteak in the city, but the best one for you.

That’s probably not something any sane person would do, with maybe the exception of Guy Fieri. But when it comes to finding a life partner, the stakes are a little higher (no pun intended). When you sign up to work with Tawkify, you’re choosing the private detective option. Only instead of searching for a tasty meal, our team of professionals is searching for your perfect match. Through thoughtful, one-on-one consultations and careful consideration of their singles network, our matchmakers curate hand-selected dates with potential partners. You know, someone you can actually enjoy eating a Philly cheesesteak with for the rest of your life.

Dating apps and websites aren’t all bad. They’re cheap, accessible, and have a low barrier to entry. Unfortunately, the very things that make them popular are also what make them so frustrating to work with. There’s a never-ending stream of people, most of whom are probably not your type. And when you do match with someone, it’s a crapshoot whether they’ll even respond or if, unbeknownst to you, they’re taking a break from the apps.

Hoping to find love on the internet is a bit like searching for a Disney prince in a haystack. We all want to fall in love with the first person we meet up with, but the well-known reality is that using the apps is a numbers game. You may have to go on dozens of first dates just to find someone you’d like to see a second time, which is a huge commitment of time, energy, and money that most of us don’t have.

When you work with Tawkify, you get to stop scrolling and start living. Our matchmakers will do the hard work for you so that you can spend your time and energy doing the things that matter most. Best of all, they’ll help plan dates that align with your interests, so you won’t have to do the endless back-and-forth of trying to make a plan.

Residents of Philadelphia have access to a variety of matchmaking services, ranging from low-budget to high-end. While working with an individual matchmaker may seem appealing, they’ll never have access to as broad a database of singles as Tawkify does. We have the power of numbers and the power of nuance. Our dedicated matchmakers will get to know you and will maximize your chance of finding love.

With packages starting at $4,000, Tawkify is affordable, flexible, and customizable. Our non-judgemental team of matchmakers will make sure that every dollar you put into your plan comes back in the form of a potential match. Meeting your life partner may be the single most important day of your life—invest in making it happen with Tawkify.

How Tawkify Matchmaking Works Philadelphia

Our proven process for lasting connection (without a single swipe)


Meet a Matchmaker in Philadelphia

As a client, you’ll be paired with one of our expert matchmakers in Philadelphia, with access to matches in your area: from across the country.


Tell Them What Makes You Tick

Forget basic dating profiles. Your matchmaker will spend the 1:1 time to really understand you: your values, your ideal partner, your likes and what gives you the ick.


Get Personalized Coaching

87% say that coaching has improved their ability to date successfully and made their matchmaking experience better. All of our client receive coaching as part of their matchmaking service.


Sit Back and Relax

No more swiping. Relax as your team works for you, vetting and video-screening each of your potential matches. Once you are matched, they’ll even plan the date based on your preferences.


Start Meeting Matches in Philadelphia

After every date, you can provide your matchmaker with feedback on how it went, to ensure you are only meeting people you click with.


Find Your Person

Tawkify is designed to find your perfect partner; you will have access to 1:1 coaching, private events, and premium relationship advice content from the experts. Begin your Philadelphia love story today!