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When it comes to finding love in Dallas, Texas, you might feel like you’ve hit a dead end. Maybe you spend all your free time swiping on the apps or bar hopping in Lower Greenville in hopes of meeting someone, but havent had much luck. If that’s the case, it might be time to experiment with a matchmaking dating service like Tawkify.

Our Tawkify matchmakers understand some of the trials and tribulations singles face when trying to date in Dallas. They know what the dating scene is like in North Texas, from Uptown and Deep Ellum to Victory Park, Oak Lawn, and beyond, which helps them analyze their pool of singles and narrow down the options to find suitable matches for their clients.

Our professional matchmakers help singles in Dallas because they offer a personalized approach, centered around the individual wants, needs, and preferences of each client. Whether they’re working with a business executive in Downtown or an art aficionado in the Bishop Arts District, our matchmaking team is dedicated to helping their clients find love in the Big D.

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The good news is that when it comes to the Dallas dating scene, this city has a lot of singles. In fact, one survey found roughly 50% of the adult population in Dallas is unmarried, so there’s a big pool of eligible singles just waiting to find their perfect match.

That said, dating in Dallas is much like dating in any other big city. There are a lot of people and a lot of great opportunities for finding people, from Preston Hollow to Turtle Creek, but sometimes it’s tricky finding like-minded singles in your neck of the woods.

That’s why many singles are using dating services like dating apps and websites—there were 750,000 Dallas users on eHarmony alone in 2023. What’s more, many Dallasites are deciding to go the more personalized route, choosing to work one-on-one with a professional matchmaker who has access to an entire database of local singles.

Many Dallasites wonder if matchmakers are better than dating apps and websites. While every dating service has its pros and cons, matchmaking services tend to have more benefits than drawbacks.

You see, Texas matchmakers offer a personalized approach to matchmaking, which involves getting to know their clients’ and their unique relationship criteria. This helps them narrow down their options and screen candidates who closely align with their clients’ preferences. And unlike the dating apps and websites, which require clients to spend hours writing their profiles, swiping through singles, and having dead-end conversations with unsuitable matches, the matchmakers do all the heavy lifting. They save their clients time and energy, as they sift through their database and screen potential clients before introducing only the best ones to their clients.

Because matchmakers are dedicated to their clients’ success and remove all the stress associated with looking for love, many Dallasites find their services to be a much better investment than online dating.

When it comes to online dating, there are some free and cheap options, but they can be limiting. Compared to other dating apps and websites, matchmaking services often have higher price tags because they provide a more customized experience. For example, instead of just providing clients with a pool of random candidates, matchmakers review all the choices and hand select viable options based on their clients’ preferences.

The cost of hiring a professional matchmaker in Dallas can vary based on a number of factors, like what specific service you select and what special features you want. At Tawkify, our professional matchmaking packages start at around $4,000 with the option to add on more features, such as our exclusive VIP services.

When you work with us, you receive one-on-one attention from a qualified matchmaker who has the skills and expertise to help you find love. It does cost money to hire a matchmaker, but the high quality of service you receive is well worth the investment.

If you’re a Dallas single looking for some help in the love department, then you may want to consider hiring a professional and high-end matchmaker in your area.

Professional and high-end matchmaking in Dallas is centered around introducing like-minded singles who share similar relationship goals, values, and preferences. It’s a 100% customized experience tailored specifically to you, which sets it apart from more traditional dating avenues that tend to be less personal and more generic. In short, high-end matchmakers focus on quality over quantity.

When you hire a professional matchmaker, they’ll have in-depth consultations with you to determine your dating criteria and then use that information to inform their research. They hand select candidates, screen them, and conduct background services to give you more peace of mind. Then, once your matchmaker finds suitable candidates, they’ll arrange an introduction and curate the entire date experience for you. With the guidance and support of your high-end matchmaker, you can spend less time and energy worrying about finding love in the Lone Star State.

African Americans make up roughly 24% of Dallas’ population, and African American culture is widely celebrated in this part of the state. Dallas is home to the nation’s first Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, and the city invites you to visit the African American Museum and attend one of the largest Martin Luther King parades in the country. Now, what about the local African Americans who want to find love? They can turn to our matchmaking services in Dallas!

So, how does African-American matchmaking work in Dallas? Our matchmaker team will sit down and consult with their African American clients to determine all their dating criteria to ensure they understand what type of person would best suit their preferences. For example, an African American client may prefer to date someone who shares similar cultural and ethnic background as them. Then, just as with any other client, our team will then consult their database, sort through the candidates, and narrow down the choices based on the information their clients provide.

Whether you’re interested in only dating African Americans or are open to dating people of different backgrounds and ethnicities, our matchmakers will find your ideal match in the Big D.

Dallas is home to the nation’s sixth-largest LGBTQ+ population, and one of the largest LGBT communities in the state. Bishop Arts and the Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs Road area are known as Dallas’ gayborhoods, as they have a thriving LGBT scene with countless gay-friendly establishments, attractions, activities, and celebrations. In fact, Dallas is famous for hosting the Annual Purple Party, which is one of the world’s largest circuit parties dedicated to raising funds for HIV/AIDS.

Because Dallas has such a strong LGBT presence, it only makes sense for there to be matchmaking services that extend to LGBT singles. When you hire a Tawkify matchmaker in Dallas, you’ll find that our team welcomes LGBT clients with open arms and are committed to helping them find potential matches that align with their wants, needs, and preferences. Our matchmaking team has experience working with LGBT clients and are eager to help you find love in North Texas!

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