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If you’re living in Houston, Texas, and having trouble on your quest to find love, our Tawkify matchmakers can help.

When you hire our professional matchmaking services in the upper Texas Gulf Coast, we’ll pair you with one of our experienced and talented matchmakers who have insider’s knowledge on the Houston dating scene. They understand some of the challenges single Houstonites face when looking for love, and they have access to an exclusive database of eligible candidates in the Houston area.

What’s more, your personal matchmaker will have one-on-one consultations with you to inquire about your dating preferences so that they can create a profile of your ideal match. Using this information, they sort through their database of variable candidates, conduct interviews, and run background checks until they find quality matches that align with your dating goals.

Whether you’re looking for love in Galleria, Oak Forest, EaDo, Bellaire, or beyond, our Tawkify matchmakers are dedicated to helping you find love in Space City.

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A recent study revealed that Houston is the best city for singles in the Lone Star State, which is great to hear for those looking to find love in this part of Texas. For instance, many singles have luck meeting potential matches at trendy neighborhoods in the area, like artsy Montrose, hip Downtown, and fashionable River Oaks.

While H-Town scored well in terms of dateability, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to find a potential partner in this bustling city of roughly 1,746,465 adults. Even if you’re a social butterfly, constantly perusing the coffee shops in Upper Greenways and the bars in Midtown, it can be tricky meeting the many singles who call Houston home.

Therefore, to make dating easier for themselves, many Housonites like to take advantage of online dating and matchmaking services to help narrow down their choices. These channels are great for connecting like-minded singles who are looking for committed relationships in the Bayou City.

Online dating has certainly increased in popularity over the years, but it has left many Houston singles wondering what’s better: dating apps and websites or matchmaking services? And the answer is, it depends.

Dating apps and websites are great for those looking to ease into the dating scene and meet local singles. These apps and websites give you access to a big pool of Houston singles and invite you to connect with whoever strikes your fancy. While having so many choices and options is great for some, it can lead to dating fatigue and frustrations for others.

So that brings us to matchmaking services. Many consider matchmaking to be the superior of these choices because it provides a more curated, personalized approach to dating. Instead of searching through all the singles yourself, your personal matchmaker does that for you, narrowing down the candidates based on your unique wants and needs. They’ll conduct interviews, run background checks, introduce you to potential matches, and even arrange your dates for you, saving you time and energy.

Therefore, if you’re serious about finding a partner and want a customized dating experience that will yield results, then you’ll likely find matchmakers to be the better choice over dating apps and websites in Houston.

The cost of hiring a professional matchmaker in Houston can depend on a variety of factors, such as what service you go with and the kind of options you expect. At Tawkify, our basic packages in Houston start at around $4,000, with the option to add on extra features and services.

Compared to the price of some other dating websites and apps, the cost of hiring a matchmaker can initially seem steep, but once you consider the caliber of service you’ll receive, you’ll find that the cost is well worth the investment.

For instance, when you work with one of our Tawkify matchmakers, you can sit back and relax while they work their magic. They do all the heavy lifting for you, from screening candidates to scheduling your dates, so you can focus on other aspects of your life while they focus on finding your ideal match. What’s more, our matchmakers have the skills and expertise to track down candidates who perfectly align with your preferences, which is not something you’ll experience on your average dating app.

You can’t put a price on love, so if you’re serious about finding the love of your life, then hire a Tawkify matchmaker in Houston today.

How Tawkify Matchmaking Works Houston

Our proven process for lasting connection (without a single swipe)


Meet a Matchmaker in Houston

As a client, you’ll be paired with one of our expert matchmakers in Houston, with access to matches in your area: from across the country.


Tell Them What Makes You Tick

Forget basic dating profiles. Your matchmaker will spend the 1:1 time to really understand you: your values, your ideal partner, your likes and what gives you the ick.


Get Personalized Coaching

87% say that coaching has improved their ability to date successfully and made their matchmaking experience better. All of our client receive coaching as part of their matchmaking service.


Sit Back and Relax

No more swiping. Relax as your team works for you, vetting and video-screening each of your potential matches. Once you are matched, they’ll even plan the date based on your preferences.


Start Meeting Matches in Houston

After every date, you can provide your matchmaker with feedback on how it went, to ensure you are only meeting people you click with.


Find Your Person

Tawkify is designed to find your perfect partner; you will have access to 1:1 coaching, private events, and premium relationship advice content from the experts. Begin your Houston love story today!