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Seattle’s dating scene is a lot like its weather. There are occasional sunny days that make you grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest. But most of the time, you wake up to rain. Cold, gray, foggy rain.

Our city has a notoriously difficult reputation for making friends, known as “the Seattle Freeze.” When it’s that hard to find someone to casually grab lunch with, you know it’s going to be harder to find someone who wants to commit to bigger things, like waking up in the same bed for the rest of your life. Despite all the perks of living in Seattle, our city is not known as a great place to find love. There’s even a local author writing a book called Seattle Dating Scene is Trash.

Faced with such a dismal dating culture, more and more Seattle singles are opting to use matchmaking services to find The One.

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When it comes to turning around our dating reputation, Tawkify’s matchmakers might be the cure this city needs.

Our team of professional matchmakers spend time getting to know you. Whether you moved to Seattle with a job in tech or you grew up in this city on the Sound, you can rest assured that Tawkify is doing the hard work of dating for you. Not only will we vet potential partners for you, we’ll plan first dates with your preferences in mind. Think of your one-on-one consultation with a Tawkify matchmaker as the only first date you’ll ever need to go on again. When you meet up with a match IRL, you can both start with the confidence and clarity of a second date.

Tawkify takes the guesswork out of dating and does the hard work of searching for a match. With all that out of the way, you can focus on the good stuff: getting to know potential partners who align with your interests, values, and tastes.

Seattle was recently ranked as the second-best city in the US for singles looking for relationships. With so many people hoping to settle down in the Emerald City, why is it so dang difficult to find love?

At Tawkify, we think dating apps aren’t the solution to single life—they’re part of the problem. While many people join apps and websites because they genuinely want to find a life partner, even more people join in a moment of loneliness or boredom. The apps are full of low-effort profiles, inconsistent users, and people searching for a bit of validation at a low moment. We’ve all had that friend who hopped on the apps the day after their breakup. And while there’s nothing wrong with swiping for fun, it makes it harder for the folks who are genuinely ready to form a connection.

When you work with Tawkify, you get to rise above the noise of apps and dating sites. Our team of professional matchmakers is able to look down on the city like the Space Needle and analyze its vast network of quality singles to find the person just for you.

Let’s face it: Seattle is expensive. A lot has changed in our city since the first Starbucks was established in 1971—and that includes the price of a coffee at Starbucks. Some matchmaking companies in Seattle have hiked their prices accordingly, meaning that you could drain your wallet on your quest to find love.

Tawkify is here to help. With our packages starting at just $4,000, we will work with you to ensure that you’re receiving the level of service that corresponds to your budget. Our transparent pricing levels and customizable plans mean that you always know how much you’re paying and what you’re getting in return. No more signing up for mysterious matchmaking services that could throw your bank account—and your love life—into ruin.

Seattle is home to Jeff Bezos, one of the wealthiest people in the world. It’s also home to over 54,000 millionaires. There is no shortage of well-off, successful people in our city who are hoping to meet their match.

However you came into your money, we at Tawkify understand that assets can become liabilities when it comes to online dating. You don’t want to be worried that people are judging your wealth or trying to use you for your money. Nor do you want to match with people whose lifestyles are drastically different from yours. Our team of professional matchmakers will get to know what being wealthy means to you and will help you find a match that fits.

Seattle is lucky to boast a diverse dating scene, with people all across the gender and sexuality spectrums calling our city home. Whether you’re looking for a date to bring to Wildrose or someone with whom to stroll the streets of Capitol Hill, Tawkify’s team of matchmakers can help you find your perfect match.

While more traditional matchmakers rely on a heteronormative approach, the Tawkify team is well-versed in queer dating culture, especially as it applies to Seattle. We understand that dating apps aren’t a cure-all for the LGBTQ+ community, with some of them a bit too focused on instant connections instead of lasting matches. When you work with a Tawkify matchmaker, we’ll help you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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As a client, you’ll be paired with one of our expert matchmakers in Seattle, with access to matches in your area: from across the country.


Tell Them What Makes You Tick

Forget basic dating profiles. Your matchmaker will spend the 1:1 time to really understand you: your values, your ideal partner, your likes and what gives you the ick.


Get Personalized Coaching

87% say that coaching has improved their ability to date successfully and made their matchmaking experience better. All of our client receive coaching as part of their matchmaking service.


Sit Back and Relax

No more swiping. Relax as your team works for you, vetting and video-screening each of your potential matches. Once you are matched, they’ll even plan the date based on your preferences.


Start Meeting Matches in Seattle

After every date, you can provide your matchmaker with feedback on how it went, to ensure you are only meeting people you click with.


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Tawkify is designed to find your perfect partner; you will have access to 1:1 coaching, private events, and premium relationship advice content from the experts. Begin your Seattle love story today!