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Tanya Sandoval

Tanya Sandoval

Tanya Sandoval is a matchmaker, recruiter, wife, mom, self-acclaimed designer + friend. Her home base is Dallas, but her playground is the entire world [so yes, travel is her thing!]. When she is not looking after clients, she is spending quality time with family, eating good food, building something at home, or even catching a flight somewhere exotic. Tanya’s beginnings as a “natural” matchmaker date back to 2015. She used to put people together and plan cute first dates for fun in order to give them a sweet experience. When she realized matchmaking could become a career, where she actually got paid to do it, it was a no-brainer! Tanya has been fortunate enough to live in other countries and be immersed in foreign cultures. Nowadays, she uses her ministry background, as well as experience and intuition to make wonderful matches. Every person is a world, and she considers it an honor to be able to put two worlds together, and help sketch their love story in the making!

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