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Late Start

Ask Renée: Plus-size And Over 50

I decided to write about my adoration of curvy women because there may be more than a few of them out there who don’t know that there are attractive men who want to date them, or lust after them … or marry them…

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The Great Killer of Relationships

Last week a good friend of mine went on a third date with a lady, with which he was quite smitten. Due to unforeseen traffic he was 15 minutes late. He made it to her front step and was about to knock when she swung open the door and exclaimed, “You’re late—you didn’t have second thoughts about coming, did you?” 

Killer Point 1…

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5 Ways to Win An Argument In A Relationship

It’s happened– your Springtime in Paris new relationship has hit a significant bump in the road. You’re feeling the urge to say something 180 degrees from “you’re just so perfect and amazing” to your new love interest. Congratulations– this is your first opportunity for a growth power-up!

Quell the impulse to text “We need to talk.” If you’ve already typed it in, with your thumb hovering above “send,” aim for “delete” instead. No one wants to read that; no one wants to be forewarned of impending doom unless they’re watching a movie. You’ll only succeed in spurring the imminent arsenal of defense…

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