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5 Benefits of Fitness to Improve Your Relationships

With all of life’s demands tugging for our energy and attention, today more than ever, it’s crucial to take care of yourself by making health and wellness a priority...

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With all of life’s demands tugging for our energy and attention, today more than ever, it’s crucial to take care of yourself by making health and wellness a priority. From juggling a family, a career, social life, community service, running errands to other life commitments, self-care typically takes a back seat.

From my personal experience and from my 10 year experience working with children and families, I’ve witnessed that when people get in the habit of incorporating fitness and wellness into their daily or weekly routine, there are benefits that extend to their family, romantic, professional and platonic connections.

Below are the 5 fitness benefits that will help improve your relationships:

  1. Confidence BoosterOf course taking care of your mind and body with exercise improves your physique, posture, gives you more energy and clarity. Additionally, you are empowered to learn what you can do and this new found body confidence inevitably spreads to other areas of your life. Whether you’re already in a relationship, looking to hit the dating scene, start the search for a new job or even launch your own company, working out in whatever form gets your heart rate up, which can be a great perk to upping your confidence. Others WILL notice your new spark and be attracted to it as well. 
  2. More To GiveOne of my favorite analogies is to think of yourself like a luxury vehicle. When you buy that brand new Mercedes Benz, are you going to use regular gas or premium petroleum to fuel the car? You will likely spend more on keeping the car maintained — brakes, oil changes, etc. WHY?! Because you want it to last longer, transport you safely and comfortably. Think of your body the same way. You want to put good food in your body to stay fueled not $1 menu items. You are going to do regular exercises to stay healthy, live longer and get around with energy and ease. When your car is properly maintained, you feel more comfortable transporting others and the same is true for your own physical health…you’ll be stronger and be able to serve others in a greater capacity. 
  3. Better MoodExercise releases some very powerful hormones (endorphins) and these are known to make you happy, improve your mood, and reduce stress. When you are more happy, relaxed and radiating good vibes, others around you will benefit from those positive juices and will subconsciously want to spend more time around you. 
  4. Improved Sex DriveA flexible, strong and healthy body has benefits when it comes to intimacy. There are a lot of internal and functional changes to your body once you’re in a regular exercise routine. This doesn’t mean that you will or should look like a Greek goddess or a fitness model to reap these benefits! This is more about improved blood flow, better endurance, more agility, a wider range of motion and flexibility, and of course improved hormone levels. The benefits of a regular workout regimen create heightened potential in the bedroom 
  5. Increased Social CirclesHaving healthy active friends increases the likelihood that you will be held accountable to sticking to your fitness goals. Also thinking about incorporating a workout date or an active game is a much healthier lifestyle than always meeting for dinner or drinks…whether with your significant other, family or friends. Getting involved in sports leagues, walking or hiking groups, etc. is a great way to not only stay responsible with your health routine, but it also allows you to meet new people and experience new opportunities together.

In short, reverse your thinking about how positive relationships will be good for your health (which to a degree is true), instead think about how taking care of yourself with regular exercise will be a major benefit to your relationships with others in the different areas of your life! Being your best when it comes to health and wellness means you can give more to others, experience deeper and more exciting romantic relationships, make new friends, and be the confident and positive person people want to be around in love and life!

Marisha Dixon
Matchmaker + Executive Coach

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