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Astrology and Dating – Your Compatibility Questions Answered

What is written in the stars for your zodiac sign? Astrologer Rebecca Gordon answers your astrology and dating compatibility questions.

Astrology and dating have been intertwined for centuries, with many people turning to the stars for guidance on love and compatibility. But with so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to sift through it all.

That’s where astrologer Rebecca Gordon comes in. Here she answers your burning questions about love and compatibility based on your zodiac sign. Get ready to dive into the world of astrology and love, and find out what the stars say about your love life.

Taurus Compatibility with Scorpios

Q: I just got into astrology signs and I do like reading my horoscopes regularly in our local newspaper. I am a guy and was born on May 15, 1990 and I am curious what star sign I am most compatible with. I was told I was born at 5:45am on May 15th if that helps, but what type of woman will I end up with? And who am I attracted to? I do feel confused in that department because I find myself attracted to so many types of people.

A: You are most definitely a Taurus and can connect easily with Virgos, Cancers and Pisces, and you will have an extra chemistry with Scorpios.

That said, you can really have a unique and loving relationship with most any sign. Your Venus (feminine planet) is in Aries so this would indicate that you prefer a stronger woman and someone who knows what she wants in life. She is assertive, confident and a bit fiery.

You Mars (masculine planet) is in Pisces, which indicates you would personify the more watery softer side in this relationship. It seems like you are vulnerable enough to show women an alternative side of masculinity which is extremely charming.

It’s understandable you are attracted to so many different types because both your passion planets are in water and fire and this creates steam. There is a need to explore and have new experiences. Your lucky partner must also be someone who is up for new experiences, exploration, and experimenting together.

Virgo Compatibility with Capricorn

Q: Hey there, Debora from Charlotte, new single mom, 29 and a Virgo – will love find me in 2023? What can I do to get ready for love? I find myself to be a controlling person and I am not ashamed of it, and I don’t seem to vibe well with other Virgo’s – who am I most compatible with and what trait do I have that is most compatible with earth signs (my favorites in the bedroom!)?

A: Hi Deborah! I am also a Virgo so great to meet a fellow earth babe. This year of 2023 will be pivotal for you as the planet of serious commitment (Saturn) just entered your partnership sector (for the next 2.5 years).

So let’s talk strategy with Saturn: less is more, it is not about the quantity of dates though the quality of them so take your time, keep the bar high, and be discerning. It is about one person and that is all we need here. It is also quite possible that they will be a bit older than you and will want to take things slow. Slow and steady can be sexy too as in the building of anticipation. Don’t expect there to be wild fireworks at the start – instead you must be patient and allow things to develop over time. Fun fact: when the water boils slowly, it will stay hot for longer.

There may also be a logistical constraint between you both ie: you are on the upper west side and he’s on the lower east side, or even in different states or countries. Fear not. With Saturn here, the obstacle will make you both work for it and the reward will be well worth the wait. There is a deep sensuality between you and Capricorns as that sign rules your house of true love. They make you feel safe enough to truly let go. Earth signs will love your sense of devotion, thoughtfulness, and deep earthy sensuality.

PS: Those in-charge Capricorns you love, secretly love to be controlled as they hold the reigns all day long.

Gemini Compatibility with Aquarius

Q: I was born on June 4, 1981 and I’ve been with my boyfriend Jerry, who is an Aquarius, for over 4 years and nothing – like why am I not engaged and why aren’t things moving anywhere? I thought we were compatible but he seems to be comfortable with what we have. Any way astrologically I can know if he is the one, or what can I do to motivate him to take action?

A: Hi Sherry. That sounds quite frustrating. It may make you feel better to know that three of those four years which you have been together were also years where Saturn was in Aquarius (his sign). This put an extra strain on Aquarians so he may not have been fully his optimistic self and it was harder to take action. The good news is that Saturn has just moved on so how have things been since March 2023? Usually Saturn will help someone clarify what they want to commit to by the end of the transit. I am seeing that by October of 2023, you are opening your heart to a deeper expression of love (with him or someone else).

Venus Retrograde and Love

Q: I hear that Mercury is in retrograde and that could be troublesome for me as a Taurus in the love department. Is the gossip true? And if it is, is there anything I can do to shield myself from negativity?  Do you believe in evil eyes?

A: Hello, dear Ramona. Mercury will actually not impact your love life too much, though it can get wires crossed in communications. This is a time to rethink what you are looking for and make any changes in your approach. I would pay more attention to Venus Retrograde than Mercury Retrograde in love. Venus retrograde will be July 22 – September 3, 2023 so I would put off any romantic vacations and escapades during that time.

Evil eyes? Well I do feel it’s important to protect yourself, so surround yourself with the people and things you love. 

Compatibility with the Same Zodiac Sign

Q: I’ve only ever been with Aries (my last 3 relationships). I am a Cancer myself, so very interpersonal and quiet and reserved. And I seem to be attracted to extroverts like Aries, but my relationships always fail. Is it me? Am I selecting the wrong compatibility signs or are Aries just fun for the lust of it and not long term? I would love to settle down with someone responsible. My birthdate is April 18, 1991.

A: Based on the date you shared with us, it appears that you are an Aries too.

That said, you have the passion planet Mars in the sign of Cancer, and that may be why you feel more of the sensitive and reserved tendencies.

If you do happen to be a Cancer and it was a typo, then Water (Cancer) and Aries (Fire) make steam which is hot and heavy. Though if you want it to last, you both will have to be focused on a specific goal or project together. I hope this helps and please write back to clarify. Also include time and place as well as your date of birth.

The Different Sides of Gemini

Q: 35 year old Gemini here, and yes, I do have two faces… one kind and sweet, and one hardcore, focused, and driven. People know one or the other but I tend not to mix. At work people think of me as a hard ass, tough guy – who gets stuff done. But at home in my personal life, I am a softy and I feel like women are not attracted to that. It’s not that I am not confident in the romance department, but maybe less so than in work. What can I do to bridge the gap?

A: Hi, Sean. Contradictions are sexy and there is nothing wrong with that. Your contrast may be sharper though, being a Gemini. Your soft side is such a gift in the domestic sphere, where it makes a partner feel safe to open up with you.

Perhaps you have been going after a type of woman who has no appreciation for the tenderness you offer. With the right woman, you will create a beautiful home based on mutual feelings of care, creativity and devotion.

I had a look at your chart based on the month and year you were born, and it seems that your planet of masculinity (Mars) is actually in the soft and sensitive sign of Cancer. I have so many women friends that LOVE Mars in Cancer men and they swear by it. It gives you an intuitive understanding of women and their desires. Perhaps this is a sign that you may want to explore dating a new ‘type’ of woman – one that has an appreciation for your natural gifts as a man.

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