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Tawkify Testimonial: From Virtual First Date to Forever

Interested in learning more about how Tawkify helps singles find long-lasting love? Read this Tawkify testimonial about a couple’s success story.

When you’re looking for love, sometimes you need a little extra help. That’s where Tawkify comes in. 

While you’ve probably read Tawkify reviews and perused our website, real Tawkify testimonials might be what you need to seal the deal. 

Here, we’re shining the spotlight on Willie and Ossie, a real Tawkify couple who met through one of our amazing matchmakers. They share their unique story not only about finding love during a pandemic but also about how matchmaking made their romantic dreams come true.

What Brought Them to Tawkify

Both Willie and Ossie enjoy looking back on what brought them together and each of their journeys to deciding to use a matchmaking service. 

Willie had been using a couple of dating apps, but she found them straining, stressful, and even depressing at times. She felt that she didn’t have the patience to swipe back and forth to find her person, and knew that at her age, she didn’t want to waste any time. For Willie, dating apps weren’t good for her, so it’s a good thing that Tawkify was there when she needed it. 

But Willie didn’t hop on board the Tawkify train right away. She had never used matchmaking before because she assumed that it wasn’t her thing. As with so much during the COVID-19 pandemic, things changed—and with that, Willie’s perspective on matchmaking and the dating process. She thought, “Why not? Let’s take a risk.”

Ossie had also only tried online dating in his most recent search for his lifelong mate, but he didn’t have good experiences with finding a woman that fit him and his personality. He met a lot of people, but no one met his expectations for a future partner. Ossie then discovered Tawkify through a Facebook ad and thought he’d give it a try.

Turns out that this Tawkify success story was meant to be.

The Tawkify Process

The first step for both Willie and Ossie was to get paired up with one of Tawkify’s experienced matchmakers. They found out later that they both had the same matchmaker, who they agreed was a great asset to their Tawkify journeys.

The matchmaker asked them screening questions separately to get to know their preferences for what they wanted to find in someone. Ossie appreciated how Tawify works because it is so different from dating apps, which he feels just throw you in the deep end. 

Willie loved their matchmaker and felt taken care of throughout the entire process, from the initial meeting to eventually—and quite quickly—finding love.

Their Virtual First Date

A few days after the initial screening, Ossie got a call from the matchmaker saying that she had a match for him. At first, he was a little thrown by the name Willie, but what Ossie didn’t know was that she would be his forever person.

For Willie and Ossie—and so many people during COVID-19—virtual dating was the safest way to meet in the beginning of their relationship. Willie was nervous about the virtual meeting because it was so out of her norm. Instead of prepping and primping for an in-person date, she was setting up her computer and checking the lighting. 

On the other side of the screen, Ossie wasn’t as nervous. At first, he didn’t take it as seriously as an in-person date because Zoom dates were new to him. It took some getting used to to realize that this was just a new part of modern dating

In fact, for their entire virtual first date, Ossie wore a nice shirt on camera and basketball shorts below the camera’s view. The pair ended up chatting for more than three hours, and Ossie realized that his laptop battery was dying, so there was no other option except standing up, basketball shorts and all. When Willie saw his outfit, she knew that this man not only could hold great conversations but also had a wonderful sense of humor: “It was like peas and carrots.”

Their Love Story

First impressions can be make it or break it for first dates, and it turns out that Willie and Ossie made great ones. In addition to Ossie’s Zoom outfit, Willie also remembered that his smile is what got her. For Ossie, he thought that it was so refreshing to finally see Willie in front of the camera, as he didn’t receive any photos of her before the date. “She was beautiful,” he said.

After that first meeting, the rest was history. As with other Tawkify testimonials, the couple enjoys reminiscing on when they knew that the other person was “the one.”

A few months into their dating relationship, Ossie got COVID-19. Willie stepped in to take care of him and help prevent the symptoms from getting worse. Ossie remembers feeling so grateful for her care, even though he was eventually admitted to the hospital. Willie already knew that she wanted to pursue something long-term with Ossie, but for him, he really knew after he got out of the hospital. Willie was still there, waiting with open arms and an open home. She invited Ossie to stay at her house while he was recovering so that she could give him the TLC that he needed. It was only a short time until they moved in together and made the relationship official. 

Why They Recommend Tawkify

While neither Willie nor Ossie had used matchmaking services before, now they know that it was the best thing they could have chosen for their love life. 

Ossie appreciates how Tawkify is so different from dating apps and the continuous game of swiping. For Willie, it was the one-on-one partnership with a dedicated matchmaker—who dealt with her nuances, quirky personality, and preferences for a good man—that clinched the deal. 

Furthermore, she also realized that she had a perception of how a mate should be but that having a second set of eyes to choose for her took some of the pressure off. Willie liked that the Tawkify process wasn’t about being in control. Instead of combing through countless “About Me’s,” Willie and Ossie could let the matchmaker do the hard work for them to find the perfect match. 

What’s more, they were each other’s first Tawkify date! That’s an exceptional Tawkify success story.

Their piece of advice? “Just do it.”

Willie and Ossie are just one of so many real Tawkify couples that have had their dreams come true through matchmaking. Read more Tawkify testimonials to get inspired by romance and how everything can change in just one click.

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