Here's how it works.

Complete your initial profile

Get started with a basic profile and upload your best photos. This is a "starter" profile that we'll build out through conversations with you.

Tawkify is a matchmaking company, not a "dating site". That means humans – not machines – choose your matches. We use profile information and photos in that process, and never share your identity, profile or private information.

Choose your ideal approach

Want your own dedicated matchmaker, guaranteed matches and a personalized, proactive experience? Choose to sign up as a Client.

Interested in a more passive approach? Sign up with a Matchable Membership and get matched if and when selected for one of our clients. If chosen, we'll contact you for further screening.

Tawkify Client Experiences
VIP Client
Matches personally screened
Date planning with every intro
Unlimited potential matches
Guaranteed matching
Your own dedicated matchmaker
Multiple search locations
Personalized match recruiting
Relaxed hold/schedule flexibility
Optional background checks
Date coaching and relationship work
More extra options, let's talk

Meet your Matchmaker

Clients are paired with a matchmaker who's the best fit for their unique personality and relationship goals. We then dive into love life history and preferences to help assess compatibility for matching.

We start by scanning the universe for potentially compatible candidates from within our exclusive "Romance Rolodex," and beyond... our famous "Love Hunter" recruiters hit the ground running to find ideal matches - wherever they may be.

Enjoy your curated dates with your matches

Once introductions are in order, we don't just hand over the phone number and wish you luck; we plan and schedule an interesting, creative date experience to take the pressure and stress out of first date planning. You simply show up ready to meet a new wonderful someone and have fun.

We'll provide insightful feedback, dating advice, and guidance throughout your process, as we continue collaborating before and after every date experience to get closer and closer to your successful match.

Are we a match? For specific or general questions call (844) 494-7280