4 Reasons To Travel With Your Beau

Let’s face it, some people are not compatible when faced with unknown circumstances – so travel is a great way to find out if your companion can “hang.”

Dating Tangentials, 1/17/2016

Summertime is quickly coming to a close! For those who have swooped up a new “bae” (or plan to soon) and you’re wondering how to get to know them better, I recommend planning a trip together. This can be a weekend getaway somewhere local or for better insight, plan to go somewhere abroad if you have the time and resources to accommodate for last minute travel plans.

Traveling was hands down one of the most illuminating experiences that gave me the ability to assess the true compatibility of my partners and while there were many discoveries I made about myself and my mates, here are 4 reasons you should plan to travel with your partner sooner rather than later in your relationship. 

Uncover parts of their character and interesting qualities

There can be many fun and surprising discoveries that can happen when you travel abroad with your partner. There may also be some red flags that arise, indicating you may need to rethink the status of your relationship.

On one hand, who knows…your partner may be a great dancer and during your trip to Brazil, you may hit up one of the local clubs and get the surprise of your life to see bae become the life of the dance party. There may be all sorts of other interesting qualities that are waiting to be uncovered during your travel time together.

On another note, traveling will give you the opportunity to observe your partner as they plan, pack, or even save money for your trip. When you pay attention, this can give you insight into how they will handle some of the most important undertakings in your relationship.

Scope out what makes them irritable and frantic and what makes them excited! Traveling, especially long distances by car or overseas, and even planning activities such as sailing, hikes, and ATV excursions can give you the opportunity to have those deep and meaningful conversations to explore their core values, future plans and so much more. 

Two heads can be better than one

I for one, am known to float like the butterfly. When traveling I don’t care about time or where I wonder off to… but sometimes that means I can totally get lost. I’m also very optimistic and feel as though everything (literally) is always working out for me. So I am pretty chill, even in crazy situations.

Traveling with a partner means solving problems together… or not. Horrible, unforeseen events are almost inevitable when you travel. Stolen bags, lost reservations, missed train or taxi rides and delayed flights are just some of the unpleasant things that can happen on the road.

Someone who may have similar qualities like me (lose track of time and place) can be fun, but if one of you is easily irritated in situations like that, having a relationship with them may not be the best idea. On the flip side, maybe you’re like me, but your partner enjoys having every minute of the day completely planned out and full of various sightseeing destinations… can the two of you learn to compromise, or do you (or your partner) want to force the other person to play by your rules?

Traveling together will allow you to assess whether or not your partner is indeed a team… whether they’re a patient problem solver or a frantic decision maker. Can they handle unforeseen challenges with grace like the floating butterfly, or do they get cranky and irate? 

Economical…or not?

Traveling, especially abroad, can be far more economical than going solo since the two of you will be sharing the costs of meals, cab fares, activities and accommodations. But are you the type of traveler that must have all of the 5-star experiences… hotel and dining?

Or are you okay with living like a local? Which lifestyle do you prefer…? Are you and your partner on the same wavelength when it comes to finances? Are you (or your partner) the type to splurge on experiences or material things? Do you (or your partner) save specifically for enjoying entertainment together or do you frivolously spend without thinking of the future?

Traveling is a great way to observe someones fiscal responsibility and have those money conversations. 

Intimacy is Better

Sex on the beach isn’t just the name of a drink… I’m just saying! Traveling is intrinsically stimulating and romantic in ways that life at home may not be. Trust me, a weekend on the road with your partner is a lot more enriching than those candle-lit dining and shopping experiences back at home.

A 2013 survey conducted by the US Travel Association suggested that traveling with your partner is more likely to create a spark of romance in your relationship than a gift. And according to the survey, 77 percent of those who travel with their significant other have admitted that they have a good, happy and intimate sex life. The places you can go to be intimate, the characters you can become (for those into role playing… it gets more fun when you pretend to have accents, ha)… the possibilities are endless!

Let’s face it, sex plays a role in maintaining a healthy relationship. Test out the ways in which you can spice up this part of your life the next time you take a trip with your significant other.

While traveling alone can be empowering, inspiring and rewarding, a trip with your special someone can create blissful memories that you will cherish forever — even if it means you two discover it wasn’t meant to be! Whether you’re single or just entering a relationship, be prepared to make travel plans quickly if you truly want to dig deeper — sooner rather than later!

Marisha Dixon
Matchmaker + Executive Coach

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