9 Best First Date Ideas in Austin, TX (2024)

Whether you’re already in an established relationship or dating around, it helps to have some date ideas up your sleeve. After all, it can become a bore if you’re hitting up the same places for every romantic outing. And let’s face it, those date spots certainly aren’t going to impress your date either! 

The good news is that if you’re living in the Austin area, then we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve created an entire guide to the most fun date ideas in Austin, TX! We’ve got ideas for outdoorsy couples, laid-back duos, and those looking to celebrate some of Austin’s very own weirdness. Check out these awesome spots in the Lone Star State to show your date a good time. 

1. Take a Dip at Barton Springs

When that Texas heat starts to sizzle, cool down at Barton Springs. This natural spring at Zilker Park has an average water temperature of 68 to 70 degrees year-round, making it the perfect place to make a splash. You and your date will surely have a blast diving into this refreshing natural pool, where you can leap off the diving board, drift around in floaties, and explore underwater wildlife. After getting some laps in, kick back on the grassy lawn and enjoy some ice cream from the snack bar. 

2. Play Games at Vigilante Bar

We don’t recommend playing games when it comes to your relationship, but playing games on a date? We’re all for it! For this fun indoor date idea in Austin, we suggest inviting your date to Vigilante Bar. The gastropub serves adult beverages and pub fare, but its game library is what will really get your attention. Filled with everything from parlor games to strategic puzzles, the library has something for everyone to enjoy, and it even has an entire staff dedicated to helping you select games and learn the rules. To get your own table for you and your date, make reservations, order some tasty grub, and then get ready for some friendly competition! 

3. Dance to Some Live Music in the Live Music Capital of the World

This city is known the world over for its live music scene, so attending a concert is easily one of the most fun date ideas in Austin, TX. And the best part? There are so many amazing venues to choose from! If you’re going for some honky-tonk vibes, catch a country set at Broken Spoke, but if you prefer something more bluesy, get tickets to a show at Antone’s Nightclub. From the more intimate vibes at the Historic Scoot Inn to the three-level music venue at Speakeasy, you and your honey will have your fair share of options for dancing the night away to a live set. 

4. Bring Your Coffee Date up a Notch at Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Before you deem this just your average date idea in Austin, hear us out. Sure, this Civil Goat Coffee Co. serves up a tasty selection of small-batch coffee for you to enjoy, but it also features a certain novelty you won’t find at any other coffee shop: a goat. Butters, the pygmy goat, to be exact. He’s the shop’s live mascot, whom you have a very good chance of hanging out with when you venture in for some coffee with your sweetheart. 

5. Get Weird at the Museum of Weird

This city is all about embracing weirdness, so some weird date ideas in Austin definitely belong on your list. First stop? Head to none other than the Museum of Weird, where you can explore a quirky collection of weird and wonderful oddities, from a replica skull of a Texan Bigfoot to a stuffed Cyclops pig. You’ll also find cursed fertility statues and sideshow phenomena like the frozen Minnesota Ice Man. When you visit this unique attraction, you don’t have to wonder about what to talk about on your date because these exhibits will give you plenty of topics to discuss!

6. Wonder Among Peacocks at Mayfield Park

For a romantic escape in nature, surprise your date with an afternoon at Mayfield Park. This enchanting destination feels like you’ve walked straight into a Monet painting, as the park features dazzling cottage gardens and ponds with lily pads. But the wild peacocks are perhaps the most amazing aspect of this entire park, as these gem-toned birds mosey around the park with you. Stroll along the pathways together, and just maybe, you’ll be lucky enough to see a peacock fanning its beautiful feathers for you and your date. 

7. Get Fancy at Jeffrey’s

If you’re in search of a first date idea in Austin that includes reservations at a fancy restaurant, then set your sights on Jeffrey’s. This classic steakhouse exudes retro glamor, complete with a martini cart, caviar service, and an award-winning wine cellar. You and your date will love cozying up in the red leather booths, sharing a bottle of wine, and feasting on the delectable French cuisine served in style. Just be sure to save room for dessert, as this restaurant whips up some of the finest selections of sweets, from buttermilk cream caramel to chocolate souffles. 

8. Go Rock Climbing at Crux

If it’s raining outside, rock climbing makes for the ideal indoor date idea in Austin. This exciting activity gives you and your date a chance to get to know each other while exploring new heights—literally. Head over to Crux Climbing Centers and learn the ropes together as you scale the towering rock walls, or spend the afternoon bouldering around the rock caves. The two of you are sure to enjoy challenging yourselves to the routes and getting outside your comfort zones. And if you stick around, you could even round out your workout with a yoga class!

9. Visit the Junk King

To conclude our list, we have another weird date idea in Austin—a visit to the Cathedral of Junk! Ever since 1988, artist Vince Hannemann, also known as the Junk King, has been creating a masterpiece of, well, junk. This ever-evolving piece of work includes everything from shopping carts and toilets to car bumpers, mannequins, and everything in between. This unique stop is great for couples as they can admire this fascinating attraction that has become famous in the city. But because the living sculpture is located on Hannemann’s property, be sure to make reservations when you plan to visit.

Ready to schedule your romantic outing in Austin? Check out our guide to the best days for planning a date, and be sure to review our dating safety tips.

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