Data Reveals the Best Day to Date

Want to know what the best day for a first date is? We’ve got all the answers right here. Read on to find out the best day to date.

So, you’ve met someone and want to plan a date. Maybe the venue or activity is top of mind or even the outfit you’ll wear to dress to impress. But have you ever stopped to think about the best day to date? 

Tawkify thought about it, too. To get the deets on the best day for a first date, we pulled statistics on 1,000 dates and compared the outcome of each date by the day and time to determine which one yielded the most successful matches. (We consider a “successful match” as one that results in both parties being interested in seeing each other again.)

What were the results? The answer might surprise you! 

Tuesday Is the Best Day for a First Date

So long, Friday night! It turns out that the best day for a date is Tuesday

Our data revealed that Tuesday is the best day of the week to plan a date because it resulted in the most successful matches. In fact, Tuesday dates are 30% more likely to result in a yes-yes match than the worst day for a date (more on that later). These successful pairings happened more often on Tuesdays than on any other day of the week.

So, what time of the day should you plan your date? Tuesday dates that happen after 6 p.m. are the best for success. In fact, dates planned on Tuesday evenings turned out favorably 25% more often than those in the afternoon. 

It’s important to date with intention, and that means planning a meetup that is comfortable, suits both of your preferences, and lands on a day that’s proven to be more successful. To get a jump-start on your journey to love, try Tawkify Video Connect, a 25-minute virtual date that only happens on Tuesdays. Chances are good that your date will be successful, especially with our AI-powered tech that understands your preferences for an ideal match.

Saturday Is the Second-Best Day to Date

Sometimes you might not be able to make a Tuesday date night happen. From work to school to hobbies, mid-week hangouts can be challenging to make time for. That’s why we also identified the second-best day for a first date: Saturday, specifically at lunch. Saturday lunchtime dates are 23% more successful than those on Saturday nights. 

You might be surprised by that statistic—we are, too! But it does make sense when you consider the expectations involved in a Saturday night date. People expect romance on a Saturday night, which can lead to higher pressure. And high expectations often lead to disenchantment.

When you want to plan a first date on a weekend, go for a luxuriously long Saturday lunch at your favorite eatery or plan a picnic date at your local park. 

Monday and Thursday Are the Worst Days for a Date

If we talk about the best day to date, we have to fill you in on the worst day for a date so that you can plan accordingly.

In the modern dating world, the worst days to go on a date are Mondays and Thursdays. You might not be surprised that Monday is not a good day. Just think about your typical Monday: Maybe you’re exhausted from a busy weekend and a long day at work, or perhaps you have the dreaded Monday Blues. However your average Monday looks, remember that it’s a widely accepted “not great day,” so maybe avoid planning a date for then. 

Thursday is a bit of an outlier, but the reason that it’s not the best day for a date could be because it’s almost Friday but not quite. In other words, it could mean that you and your date aren’t ready to give up precious weekend time, which could signify that you’re both unsure of or not serious about the match potential. While this is conjecture, just remember that when it comes to a hopefully successful first date, Mondays and Thursdays might not be the best.

The Day Matters

So, it turns out that scheduling the right day for a date might make a difference in the outcome!

But planning the best day for a date can only result in a successful match if the content of the date is good. To make sure that you’re on your A-game, take a look at these first-date conversation starters. And remember to be yourself, keep your priorities and deal breakers in mind, and have fun. 

Cheers to you, Tuesday!

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