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5 Essential Summer Dating Tips

Yes, this heat is crazy! Let's stop by that coffee shop on the corner. Ice coffee on me?…

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Take in A Picnic

The weather Is fine, singletons! Get outdoors and do something unexpected. Grab a friend (or love interest), pack some cold bubbly, fresh strawberries, charcuterie, a blanket—and you’re set. Hit your favorite park in the city, or a more low-key rural panoramic view. Don’t forget the portable tunes (and sunscreen).

You may be wondering: how will going to a public park with my buddy help me out in the dating game? Well…you’ll be out, looking fabulous in a wide-brimmed hat (that goes for you too guys!), laughing in the sunshine and taking in the summer air. You’re fearless and fun—you eat outdoors on a whim, just because.

Who wouldn’t want to ask you out?

And you can certainly do the asking as well. These type of outings create ample opportunity for doing just that. Bring along some kind of activity, or game (frisbees count!), and ask that interesting group of eligibles nearby if they’d like to join the fun. This is a simple, non-creepy way to meet new people, strike-up conversation, and possibly assess chemistry.

And even if you don’t meet your next boo thing, you just had a fabulous day anyway.

Don’t Hide Behind Shades

It’s hot and bright out there, we get it! But don’t forget that eye contact is essential in dating stratagem. Move to an area with a little shade and let those beautiful blues out.

Related, summer style can so easily be fresh, easy and polished.

Take those few extra moments to make small upgrades to your wardrobe in anticipation for the season. Guys, ditch the cheap flip-flops from the Bronze Age, and opt for an effortless leather summer loafer. Ladies, same goes: grab some new light pieces and products tailored for the season.

How About An Ice Coffee?

Been wondering how to take the next step with a love interest? Use the sweltering heat to your advantage. Instead of discussing how unbelievably hot and horrible it is, offer up a delicious cold brew.

“Yes, this heat is crazy! Let’s stop by that coffee shop on the corner. Ice coffee on me?”

Bump Up The Freshness

Summer is the season of pool parties, happy hours and general sunny fun, but it’s also the season of sweat. Opt for cool showers between work and evening events. Freshen up more often, don’t skip the deodorant and don’t over-perfume or over-cologne in lieu of a quick shower.

Make New Plans

When planning your summer weekends, don’t overlook the beach you’ve been wanting to check out an hour or two outside of the city. That summer festival you missed last year? GO. The adult sports league you never signed up for? JOIN. Make plans, get outside of your comfort zone and mingle.

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