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In Simplistic Terms

Radha KistlerRadha Kistler
Radha Kistler
1 min read
Published in Dating 



    I want the Bay Area again. 
    I want black coffee
    And your arms around me.
    I want us drunk on dark beer
    Or red wine and fresh bread
    Laying in a park nearby
    Tipsy on each other’s company. 
    I want the way we understand
    Each other in awkward
    Social situations
    And loving each other
    All the more for it. 
    I want the way we express
    How we feel in simplistic terms.
    I want your hands. 
    I want to erase the space
    Between your face and mine
    As we give each other the power
    To stop time, if only for a few
    Precious moments. 
    I want your heartbeat on my ear
    As the only timepiece
    I will ever need. 
    As I have wanted nothing else:
    I want you.

    Radha Kistler
    Author of Heartalytics series–
    Matchmaker Musings

    Art by Yoni Atler

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