Demystifying Dating a Woman Taller Than You

Dating a woman taller than you really isn’t an issue, but there are things to be mindful of. Check out our dos and don’ts of dating a taller woman.

In today’s modern dating world, we see all different kinds of people partnering up, and that includes women who are open to dating shorter men. What used to be seen as a bit taboo is now something that has become more common in public and on the TV screen than ever before. Taller women are dating shorter men, and no one seems to mind!

However, there are some dating dynamics those vertically-challenged men may want to be aware of before diving into a relationship with a taller female. For example, harping on her height or feeling insecure about her high heels won’t do you any favors in the love department. Dating a taller woman doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are some things you may want to be mindful of to help you start off on the right foot. 

In our guide on demystifying dating a taller woman, we’re here to help you navigate a heterosexual relationship with a female who has a few inches on you. Whether you’re interested in picking up a tall girl or already seeing one, follow these dos and don’ts of dating a girl taller than you.

Don’t Worry About What Others Think

We’ve come a long way from the societal expectations of heterosexual couples in which the man must be taller than the woman. Not only do we see taller women dating shorter men in our social circles, but it’s also all over the celebrity circuit, from Zendaya and Tom Holland to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. It’s become more common than ever, meaning you’re not going to be the talk of the town if you start seeing someone taller than you. 

If you’re sensing some signs of chemistry between you and a woman taller than you, go for it! Chances are, no one is going to bat an eye, and if they do, you probably shouldn’t be spending your time worrying about their opinion anyway. Don’t let your fear of gossip get in the way of you following your heart.  

Do Realize She’s More Than Her Height 

She’s tall, but that’s not her only defining feature. If you’re interested in dating a taller woman, you must be willing to see past her height and discover all the other wonderful qualities about her. For example, she might be wildly creative and artistic or extremely athletic with a competitive side. 

If you only see her for her height, you’re going to miss out on everything that makes her unique. So instead of commenting on her height, ask about her favorite hobbies, and instead of asking how tall she is, inquire about her interests. The more you get to know her on a personal level, the less important her height will seem. 

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

If you have your eye on a taller gal, don’t automatically assume she won’t be interested in you due to your height. For starters, a lot of tall women date shorter men, which goes to show, height isn’t everything. 

Think about it; you have a lot to bring to the relationship, so why not give her the chance to see that for herself? Maybe you’re an awe-inspiring musician, an amazing chef, a successful entrepreneur, or a fearless outdoorsman. Or perhaps you’re crazy intelligent, incredibly ambitious, or ridiculously funny. You have so many great characteristics, interests, and talents that surely outshine your height, so go out there and let her see it for herself!

Do Work on Your Own Self-Confidence

Believe it or not, a lot of people prefer confidence over looks, meaning the more self-confident you are, the more attractive you’ll appear. 

Don’t let your height interfere with your self-image or allow yourself to feel insecure about the height difference between you and a taller female. Instead, focus on all your other great qualities, from your thick head of hair to your witty sense of humor. If you can go into your relationship with your shoulders back and head held high, you’re more likely to foster a happy and healthy bond with your partner. 

Don’t Harp on Her Height

Dating as a tall woman already has its challenges, so the last thing she wants to hear is you fussing over her height. Yes, she’s tall, now, move on and get over it!

You’re not going to do yourself (or your relationship!) any favors if you’re constantly bringing up her height or harping on the fact that she’s towering over you. Commenting on your height difference is only going to make it a bigger problem, leaving you both feeling insecure and self-conscious about your respective statures. Remember, in the same way you don’t want her focusing on your height, she probably doesn’t want you focusing on her height either.

Do Compliment Her Height

Tall women can have their fair share of insecurities as society likes to make all sorts of assumptions and judgments regarding their height. Therefore, if you’re dating a girl taller than you, be sure to compliment her and reassure her that you find her height attractive. 

Even subtle comments like, “Your long legs look sexy in that skirt,” or “You’re beautiful—you look like you just walked off the runway!” can help boost her confidence and make her feel more secure in herself and the relationship. 

This “do” is different from the prior “don’t” in that you’re not obsessing or complaining about her height but rather flattering her and reminding her that it’s a positive feature about her. 

Don’t Interfere with Her Fashion Choices

Just because she’s tall doesn’t mean she can’t wear heels. She has every right to wear whatever she feels good and confident in, and if that means six-inch heels, then so be it! 

Now, if you feel like her fashion choices are going to be a problem for you, then you may need to reassess whether you have what it takes to be in a relationship where the woman is taller. If you’re dictating what she wears or groaning at the sight of her heels, she may feel like you’re trying to change her—or worse, control her. 

If her taste in shoes is really an issue for you, have an open conversation about it, but do realize this may be an area where you have to readjust your expectations and work on your own self-confidence rather than making her change her wardrobe.

Do Understand That Taller Women Are Attracted to Shorter Men

Alright, let’s answer what you really want to know, do tall girls like short guys? And the answer is yes! Many women are willing to date shorter men, while others may actually seek them out. In fact, some believe shorter men have better personalities and character than taller guys because they never got to coast because of their height. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is that you might just be surprised at how open women are to dating someone who isn’t taller than them. Sure, you’re on the shorter side, but you still have a lot to bring to the table, and at the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather date someone who is open-minded than someone who won’t give you a chance simply because of your stature?

So, can a shorter guy date a taller girl? Yes, of course, and they can go on to enjoy a long and happy life together. But a big part of the success of your relationship will come down to whether both parties are comfortable, confident, and secure enough in themselves and their own height to venture into a relationship together. 

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