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Single In Seattle: The Seattle Dating Experience

Professional Matchmaker at Tawkify, Danielle Koval, sits down with the hosts of Design Goggles to discuss The Emerald City's unique dating climate…

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"The word googled most in the state of Washington is heartbreak." says Design Goggles host, Charles Fadem.

“The word googled most in the state of Washington is heartbreak.” says Design Goggles host, Charles Fadem.

Dating can feel challenging in any city. That said, Seattle seems to hold a special place on the hard-knock-life dating list. Professional Matchmaker at Tawkify, Danielle Koval, sits down with the hosts of Design Goggles, Rachel Scott and Charles Fadem, to discuss The Emerald City’s unique dating climate. 

Seasonal affective disorder ring any bells? Dating talk begins at Minute 12:00.

For those in need of a quick read, here’s a short-list of our Editor’s favorite Danielle moments:

“As somebody who works in dating, cloudy weather causes date quality rankings to go down.”

“2/3 of my clients are outsiders.” Danielle shares that most of her clients are new to Seattle. 

“The dating market in today’s world is really challenging because you have too many options.” 

“If you’re a girl who likes video games and technology, you’re all set.” Danielle discusses how most of the men in Seattle are in the tech industry, and seem to appreciate women with similar interests. 

“We’re becoming much pickier, much more selective.”

“Unicorn chasing can be very challenging… but at Tawkify my matchmaking style is: If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”

“I never was going to date someone who had children. I was not going to be a step-mom! I did something I would normally not do, and I met this amazing person that gives me butterflies every time he’s on the way home.

I think it’s possible for people to do that if you break out of your dating patterns. Having a matchmaker or a third-party come in, being able to maybe help you decide what’s really important, and what’s not so important, opens up a new opportunity.” 

“Your first date is just dipping your toes in the water.” 

“You go in saying, is there enough here that makes me want to learn more?”

The 2nd date, however, is like reuniting with someone.”

Danielle Koval pictured at the Design Goggles recording studio.

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