Matchmaking vs. Dating Apps. Which One Is Right for Me?

Tired of the dating apps and wanting to try something new? The pros and cons of matchmaking vs dating apps. Which is one right for you?

Matchmakers at Tawkify are not users of our platform, so from my own experiences and misadventures on dating apps, what I hear from my clients’ and friends’ past experiences, and my own day-to-day professional workflow, I have a relatively objective understanding of the pros and cons of both dating models. In this article, let’s talk about the key differences between matchmaking vs. dating apps, helping you make an informed decision about the best approach to finding your person.

Hiring a Professional Matchmaker or Matchmaking Service

Matchmaking services like Tawkify offer a highly individualized and curated approach to finding potential partners. We provide you with a matchmaker selected specifically for your own needs, fully equipped with a robust database of candidates, as well as a team of colleagues and support. Unlike apps which rely on algorithms–though we do use technology to help us get close to your preferences–we are humans who take the time to get to know you, understand your dating preferences, and search for compatible matches on your behalf. Let’s explore some of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of using matchmaking services like ours:

Pros of Hiring a Professional Matchmaker:

1. Vetted Matches

A huge advantage with Tawkify is that we conduct thorough background checks on potential matches, followed by a screening with your matchmaker. This helps ensure that the matches are genuine, trustworthy, and have similar relationship goals, and can provide a sense of security and peace of mind in your dating process.

2. Personalized Approach

Matchmakers work closely with our clients to understand their lifestyle, values, and preferences. Our personalized approach increases the likelihood of finding compatible partners based on deeper connections and shared interests. We’re both ethically and financially incentivized to find reciprocal “yes-yes” matches that align with what each individual is looking for, increasing the likelihood of your building a meaningful and lasting relationship.

3. Time-Saving

Modern dating and texting can consume a lot of time and energy, especially for busy professionals. Matchmaking services save time by doing the initial legwork for you, allowing you to focus on meaningful connections, rather than swiping through endless profiles. Our job is to handle the matchmaking process, from screening potential matches, to arranging dates and reservations, making your dating experience much more efficient.

4. Privacy and Security

We prioritize your privacy! Your personal information and identity is kept confidential, reducing the risk of your data being exposed to a broad user base, or even sold, as is the case with many dating apps.

Cons of Hiring a Professional Matchmaker:

1. Higher Investment Cost

Matchmaking services can be more expensive when compared to dating apps due to the personalized end-to-end nature of the service. While this cost may deter some, others view it as an investment in finding a compatible and meaningful relationship.

2. Less Control

Using a matchmaking service means putting your trust in our hands. This can be a drawback if you prefer to have full control and oversight of your dating choices. Some individuals may feel more comfortable with the freedom to browse profiles, see their match first, initiate conversations, and flirt a little before their first date. Blind dates just aren’t designed to offer that.

3. Fewer Dopamine Hits

Matching on apps can be exciting! It’s like getting a letter in the mail, when you’re 14, before they all had bills in them. Curating highly compatible matches doesn’t take forever, but it certainly takes a lot longer than simply pulling your phone out of your pocket, and if you’re just dating casually, you might prefer it.

4. Your Matchmaker

We’re here to walk with you, and some people aren’t quite ready for that. Though our team is highly experienced and has a human-first approach, talking about your relationship aspirations or past relationships with a stranger just might be a lot for some to handle, especially if you’re not quite clear on what it is you want yet.

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Are Dating Apps Worth It?

Dating apps are everywhere, and there’s a lot of them for a reason. Most of these modern dating platforms use algorithms and user preferences to suggest potential matches. We’ll explore the uniquities of dating apps, and their algorithms, next:

Pros of Dating Apps and Online Dating:

1. Spoiled for Choice

Dating apps typically have a massive user base, where you’re likely to find a wide variety of potential matches. This vast pool allows you to explore various options and connect with people from diverse backgrounds and locations.

2. Control and Flexibility

Users have the freedom to browse profiles, initiate conversations, and take their time before deciding to meet in person. This level of control allows you to be more proactive in your dating journey and explore matches at your own pace.

3. Chat and Video Features:

Many dating apps give you the chance to talk with and see your matches, allowing you to connect virtually before meeting in person. This can help you gauge compatibility and comfort levels before going on an actual date, making the first meeting a little less intimidating.

4. Affordability

Compared to matchmaking services, dating apps are often more affordable or even offer free versions with optional premium features. This accessibility makes dating apps a popular choice for those on a budget.

Cons of Dating Apps and Online Dating:

1. Quality Control

There are a lot of apps out there which vary in quality. Many contain unvetted profiles, and there’s the risk of encountering people with dishonest intentions. Some people are also just there to kill time or find a hookup. Pro Tip: If you run into anyone saying they’re just “going with the flow,” that flow’s not going anywhere. Date with intention.

2. Business Integrity and Time Cost

This isn’t often discussed, but many low-cost apps actually put their thumb on the scale to keep you engaged, keep you scrolling, and keep you exposed to their clickable advertisements which further subsidize their business model. This is a conflict of interest, sometimes sparking discussions of dating apps and mental health, and can be a huge time waster. The fact at best is, unfortunately, some users find themselves spending significant time on the app without finding meaningful connections.

3. Perpetuating Bias and Inequity

A major issue in the very topical Artificial Intelligence (AI) space explores how AI-driven algorithms are a closed loop, feeding you what you want to see to drive engagement. Our preferences are often predicated on at least a little bias and habit, so relying solely on the algorithms with no human intervention might work to keep your mind closed to novel interests and new possibilities.

4. Safety Concerns

Unlike matchmaking services like Tawkify, dating apps may not provide detailed background information or conduct background checks on users. This leaves you responsible for ensuring your safety and verifying the authenticity of potential matches.

At Tawkify, we live and breathe in this increasingly digitized dating space, but as you consider which path is right for you, in the meantime, you might also kick it old school and explore online dating alternatives: community and sports clubs, bars, and mutual friends. Whatever feels right for you, we’re here to talk about it.

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