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Matchmaking: The Missing Piece in Your Dating Strategy

It’s time to revamp your online dating strategy. Instead of relying solely on the dating apps, consider adding matchmaking services to your dating approach.

Many people have a love-hate relationship with online dating. On the one hand, dating apps provide a convenient way to meet potential matches without even leaving your couch. On the other hand, trying to find others on the apps who align with your relationship goals and standards can be frustrating.

Despite some of the highs and lows associated with online dating, it continues to be one of the most fruitful ways to date. In fact, a recent study revealed that 45% of respondents use apps to find dates.

There’s no denying that countless people turn to these apps for love, but what if we told you there was a way to cast a wider net and make more meaningful connections? Well, there is—we believe that adding matchmaking to your online dating strategy can up your chances of finding the love of your life.

To demonstrate the benefits of using dating apps and matchmaking services in tandem, we’ve addressed some of the limitations of online dating on its own and revealed how matchmaking can complement your efforts.

So, don’t ditch the dating apps; instead, add matchmaking to your strategy!

Dating Apps Offer Instant Gratification, But Not Always Long-Term Gratification

Dating apps and online dating platforms hold an allure of instant gratification. You can swipe through profiles as quickly as you add items to your Instacart shopping order, picking and disregarding people based on your checklist. Soon, your inbox fills up with plenty of matches that appear to meet your criteria. But once you start chatting, it can be difficult to find someone with whom you can connect over something—anything!—that actually matters.

While it might seem like you have a lot of options, those matches aren’t always that viable because they’re often based on superficial elements. Sometimes, you may get lucky and meet someone who you’re physically attracted to and has similar interests, but they don’t have the same relationship goals or life values as you do. Thus, you end up having wasted your time and are nowhere closer to finding your forever partner. 

Online Dating Can be Limiting

When it comes to your online dating strategy, you might consider a few important aspects when deciding whether to swipe right or left. Obviously, you’ll assess their looks, but then you may key on a few other areas, like their height, career, religious preferences, or political beliefs. In doing so, you could pass on someone extremely compatible with you just because they’re an inch shy of your preferred height or not 100% aligned with your political ideals. 

This is not entirely your fault, though. Most online profiles only have a small space for you to showcase yourself, meaning they’re designed to offer a quick snapshot—they’re not intended for giving you a full rundown. But because you’re not getting the entire picture, it could cause you to swipe left on someone suitable for you and limit your ability to achieve dating success

Dating Apps are Causing Burnout

Dating apps can lead to dating fatigue because online daters get sick of the constant cycle of swiping and messaging. Although they aren’t just getting tired of the rigamarole of dating apps, they’re also experiencing dating burnout.

Dating burnout can make you feel defeated, bored, disinterested, and even depressed about continuing your dating journey. It’s typically caused by the disappointing and often toxic environment dating apps can foster, as bullying, catfishing, and ghosting are all too common on the platforms—not to mention all the spam messages and bot accounts. Sifting through all that and deciphering between humans and robots can exhaust even the most eager daters.

That’s not to say everything about online dating is negative, but if you’re spending all your time on the apps and if online dating is the only strategy you’re taking to find love, it might be time to change up your approach.

Adding Tawkify to Your Online Dating Strategy

Dating apps do have value; they help you practice dating. This helps you build confidence and allows you to determine the qualities that matter to you in a potential partner. Therefore, to maximize your dating potential, it might be worth adding a matchmaking service like Tawkify to diversify your approach.

There’s a misconception that if someone uses a matchmaking service, they are not on dating apps, as if these strategies are mutually exclusive. This is not the case. In fact, plenty of people who have enrolled in matchmaking services are still online dating, meeting people in public, and going on blind dates. After all, dating is a number’s game. Therefore, the key is to allow your methods for finding love to work in tandem so you can be as successful as possible in meeting the right person for you.

Matchmaking is More Personalized

Most people who meet potential partners through Tawkify say that they’ve been on more successful dates than ever because they’re connecting with people on a personal level. This is because professional matchmakers use advanced algorithms to connect compatible people. Once they’ve found some suitable matches, they screen them to gauge personality, values, and shared experiences to ensure the potential for a healthy, mutual match. They arrange an introduction only after rounding up matches that align with your goals and preferences.

Instead of going on a date with someone you met online and may only know a few things about, matchmaking services vet your date ahead of time to help ensure you’re on the same page.

Matchmaking can Save You Time

Don’t get us wrong—online dating can be extremely convenient. You can swipe while in line at the bank, on your train ride home from work, and even during your hair appointment. But what if all those connections could be running in the background without you even lifting a finger to swipe? Well, that’s pretty much how matchmaking works. You provide your matchmaker with all the information they need to find you a suitable match, and they get to work for you.

Again, we’re not saying don’t swipe on the dating apps when you’ve got some downtime; we simply suggest adding matchmaking to your online dating strategy to help you cover all your bases.

Matchmaking Introduces You to Like-Minded People

Unless you have extensive conversations with your online matches before meeting in person, you’re basically going on a blind date with someone you know very little about. Maybe you know what they do for a living or their favorite hobby, but that doesn’t really tell you about their relationship intentions. The tricky part about that is that you might be meeting someone who is looking for something casual while you’re serious about wanting to settle down.

And that’s where matchmaking comes into the picture. When your professional matchmaker screens potential matches, they’re looking to see if they align with you. For example, if you’re looking to get married and have kids, they’ll make sure your match has similar intentions. This can help prevent you from going on dates with people who don’t share the same relationship goals as you.

Matchmakers Ask the Hard Questions

Online dating is great for finding other singles, but you can’t exactly interrogate them with 100 questions before agreeing to a date. (Even if that’s really what you want to do!) The thing about online dating is that you kind of just have to wait and find out if you’re compatible because there’s only so much you can ask without making them feel like they’re interviewing for a job.

However, when you add matchmaking to your online dating strategy, your professional matchmaker can and will ask those questions. After all, it’s their job! They’ll ask all the nitty-gritty questions they need to determine if they’re potentially a match for you so you can show up to your blind date with more confidence that they could be the one.  

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