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Professional Matchmaking for Busy Singles

Explore professional matchmaking for busy singles: a personalized, efficient way to find love tailored to your busy lifestyle.

Dating in today’s world is a time-suck that requires proficiency with technology. Even if you don’t meet on an app, no one seems to want to talk on the phone anymore. Texting has no voice inflection and miscommunications, and unnecessary turn offs are common. You can waste hours swiping and texting and never even get to meet ITRW. In case you’re not aware, that stands for in the real world. Depending on how long you’ve been single and unfortunately your age, keeping up with the acronyms and emoticons can seem like a job in itself.

If you’re seriously looking for a relationship, you need to first educate yourself on how to date. Which app is best, do you even need an app, how do you handle a first date, how do you get a second date? It requires a real commitment of time and energy.

The Obstacles of Using a Dating App

Let’s explore the frustrating reality of dating apps. The biggest complaint is that people don’t look like their pictures. A picture can tell a thousand wrong words if you’re not photogenic, or your personality is your strongest asset. As a matchmaker, I Zoom with people; often the first thing I say is, “you look better than your pictures.” So, while you’re swiping through pictures you might be swiping away the potential love of your life. That almost happened to me. Years ago, I was searching an app and almost didn’t like the picture of a man who did become one of the greatest loves of my life. The moral is, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Additionally, the biggest concern about meeting on an app is that scammers are very good at deceiving both men and women. It’s so hard to connect with someone wonderful so the illusion of finding that needle in a haystack is seductive. The scammer’s best tool is to create emotional intimacy with you. In reality, it’s extremely hard to create emotional intimacy with someone, which makes it much easier than you may think to fall victim to a scammer’s manipulations. Even if you don’t end up giving them any money, they emotionally wound you.

We’ve all met an outwardly beautiful person who we didn’t really care for as we got to know them. Conversely, a person we didn’t really notice at first might really captivate our heart because of the amazing person they are. That’s just one more reason it’s hard to meet your match based on a picture on a dating app.

The Appeal of Professional Matchmaking

A matchmaker can do all the searching and predate communication for you. One of my matchmaking clients told me, “I outsource everything else in my life, I might as well let a professional find me a partner.” You can be open and honest with your matchmaker about who you are and what you need, it is all held in confidentiality. Then you just show up at your professionally arranged date, confidently knowing that the person in front of you is a good match and is who they say they are because Tawkify cleared them with a criminal record screening. It’s the #1 matchmaking company in the United States.  Let me share how it works.

How Matchmaking Works for Busy Singles

When I get a new client, I do an hour zoom meeting to get to know them. I ask all sorts of questions so I can determine who could be a good match for them. Things like what they find physically attractive, what kind of personality they best connect with, what their attachment style and love language is, what their lifestyle and goals are. After the Welcome Meeting the client goes on with their busy life and I begin to search our exclusive database to find them a suitable match. Commonality is what makes relationships last so when I spot a potential date, I request to screen them.

Our scheduling team reaches out to that member and gives them my calendar link to schedule a zoom meeting. When we talk, I ask questions to determine if they’re a good candidate for my client and vice versa while maintaining confidentiality. It needs to be a mutual desire to meet. If it’s a match I will plan the date.

All my clients get dates with someone who’s a great match for them, and then it’s up to them if they have chemistry or not. But if they do, they have a significantly better chance of making it last. Tawkify has an 80% success rate of connecting people to start a relationship. You also get help to navigate creating a good relationship because coaching is included when you sign up for matchmaking.

One of the best parts is the morning after your date you’ll both get an email from us asking, “How was your date?” We ask for feedback on what you found attractive, what maybe didn’t go well, and most importantly would you like a second date? If you both say yes, I’ll do a phone number exchange and you can take it from there. But if it’s a no from either person then you’ll never be left hanging or wondering what happened. Feedback is valuable in learning what you don’t know so that your future dates will be better. I also speak with my clients after their date to make sure we’re on the right track and help them navigate their situation.

Some Matchmaking Success Stories

Maureen and Craig might not have found each other if not for matchmaking. Their busy lifestyles made dating apps difficult, so finding a partner through a matchmaking service was the key to a fruitful dating experience. They both agree that outsourcing the search for a partner to a matchmaker was the best thing they could’ve done. “Tawkify fit dating into my lifestyle,” Maureen said. “I believe matchmaking is a great option if you want to find someone.”

LaSonya had done her fair share of swiping on dating apps and was feeling disappointed with the results. She found some of her dates to be ingenuine, while others weren’t dating with a purpose. LaSonya was putting in the effort but not finding the caliber of men she was looking to date. Michael, on the other hand, was entirely new to the modern dating scene. Having recently gotten divorced, he realized he was facing a whole different dating experience in his late 40s than in his early 20s. The interesting part about Michael and LaSonya turning to Tawkify is that neither one of them had any experience with matchmaking nor knew anyone who had. In fact, they both thought it was something reserved for fairytales and reality TV shows! That said, they were both willing to give it a shot in the name of love.

When they met they felt instant attraction, they shared deep conversations during their first date. They were at ease with each other and felt fulfilled by the discussions they were sharing as they had similar interests and a lot in common. By the end of the first date, LaSonya knew she wanted to arrange a second date with him through Tawkify, as she had no interest in meeting with other matches. Michael felt the same. The rest, they say, is history, as Michael and LaSonya are now married.

Choosing the Right Matchmaking Service

When looking for a matchmaker there are a few things you should consider.

  • Do they have a proven success rate, and good customer reviews?
  • Will their process fit in with your busy schedule? Ask exactly what they will need from you.
  • Can you comfortably afford their service? Ask what your options are and don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with. If you overextend your budget that can put too much expectation on the results.

Making the Most of Your Matchmaking Experience

Matchmaking is a collaborative experience. In your Welcome Meeting it’s helpful to share your availability and make time for going on dates. It’s also important to be open to feedback. You don’t know what you don’t know and if you get defensive you won’t learn how to date better.

Keep in mind that you came to matchmaking for help because what you were doing wasn’t working. Many clients say, “My pickers broken.” Don’t be quick to reject a match if you don’t feel instant chemistry. If you want a better relationship, it will feel different than what you’re used to. Take it slow and get to know someone before you decide if they’re not for you. Your matchmaker has sent you on a date because you are right for each other. Explore that possibility.

The Bottom Line

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your search to find love, then matchmaking is a great choice for you. Professionally vetted matches will make going on dates quality use of your time. Your matchmaker will do all the hard work to make your experience as simple and effective as possible. If you’re serious about finding a special person to share your life with, Matchmaking is a worthwhile investment.

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