Singlehood Road Map: A Week of Expert Tips & Tricks


National Singles Week swiftly approaches and Tawkify has you covered! Matchmaker and Tawk To Me host Marisha Dixon teams up with her colleagues — Alyssa Bunn, Melissa Rogers, Cora Boyd and Remy Boyd to provide the ultimate single-hood road map.

What will you find here?

We have the whole week planned! Read on to get the skinny on each day’s theme, as well as commentary from our experts to maximize your single-hood mojo!

September 17: How To Get Unstuck
Mastering Your Mindset

Marisha’s “get unstuck” affirmation:

Sometimes $#!+ happens so the SHIFT can happen. Today I choose to be grateful and patient for all of life’s ups and downs. Today I choose to be expectant of the bigger blessings that are on their way to me. Today, I choose to remain ready for my RelationSHIFT™.

September 18: Vision & Intention

Alyssa Bunn says:

Be careful with your thoughts. What we think, we become. Our thoughts are our fuel. They travel to our hearts, and then become our character. Our hearts guide our responses; which shape the direction of our lives.

September 20: Your Body Is Your Temple
Treat It Accordingly

Remy Boyd says:

A healthy body is the foundation for the exploration of life. This includes exploring all the mental, physical and emotional facets of love. Our bodies hold the key to living our best (love) lives and it starts at the top.

Meditate on Love: meditation is on trend right now, but it’s based on practices that are over a thousand years old. Coupled with visualization, meditation is a powerful tool to create a sense of calm and control over your thoughts and emotions. This leads to better decision-making in all aspects of your life, but can keep you grounded in a healthy perspective on your love life.

Sweat Out Doubt: the physical, mental and emotional benefits of exercise have been researched and discussed in the media for generations! When it comes to our love lives, exercise not only helps to build self-confidence (we tend to feel better about ourselves when we’re in shape), it also helps up look our best. When we look and feel our best, it translates to other areas of our lives. Unfortunately, that doesn’t keep doubt from creeping into our thoughts and behaviors leading to self-sabotage and depression. My advice is to sweat out the doubt. Run, yoga, kick box or karate-chop it away!

September 21: Knowing Your Self Worth

Cora Boyd says:

There is a quote from the poet Rudy Francisco that goes: “Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us, they know exactly how it should be done.”

People do a lot of talking about the importance of self-love when it comes to dating. And there’s a lot of weight to the platitudes: it can be difficult to deeply love and value another person in a romantic relationship if you do not deeply love and value yourself. But the advice to actually take action on nurturing self-love is often vague and usually involves the suggestion of drawing up a bubble bath. Bubble baths and self-care rituals are fantastic…

…but change is more likely to stick when we integrate new patterns and behaviors into our daily lives in the public sphere as well as the private sphere.

So, beyond practicing rituals of self-care at home, how can we increase our sense of self-worth?

There’s a theory in psychology called “self-perception theory,” which posits that, just as we draw conclusions about others based on observing their behavior, we also draw conclusions about ourselves based on our own behavior. This creates a feedback loop wherein if, for example, we observe ourselves continually putting ourselves out there and taking risks, we will draw the conclusion that we are brave. So, if we want to cultivate and nurture certain qualities in ourselves, we can begin by behaving as if we already have them.

Try this: be intentional in your behavior. In order to foster self-worth and self-love, take Rudy Fransisco’s advice and “love yourself so fiercely” that others, including your date and including yourself will see how it should be done. Treat yourself with the warmth, humor, and reverence you would shower on the love of your life, and the rest will follow.

September 23: The Final Day of National Singles Week

Heads up! Speak directly to our experts via live discussion sessions this week! Participants will ask questions for real-time answers. Tonight’s session is in the books, but grab your guide to join in on Sept 18th, Sept 20th and 23rd (4pm PST/7pm EST). Details on times and how to access the live video calls are available upon purchase of the 7-Day Guide.

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