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The Matchmakers
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    Two weeks ago Director of Tawkify Operations, Julia Armet, shared some of her from the trenches matchmaker secrets. We asked her what qualities made a matchmaker great, and she responded with:

    “A great Matchmaker is persistent, accountable, communicative, compassionate, nurturing, creative, and thrives under pressure.”

    This week, we thought you might like to hear directly from the talented group of love makers that embody these traits. We asked a couple of our matchmakers, What do you love about this job

    Watch the video above for the full scoop, and enjoy some of our favorite highlights below:

    “I’m a partner in crime with these amazing men and women, helping them feel supported and loved and beautiful, while they are looking for someone that deserves them.”

    “I believe in love. I haven’t given up on love.”

    “I’m mother nature’s right hand woman.”

    “I’m just the date pain eater. So I take the pain for other people and make their dating lives really enjoyable.”

    “I love my clients. I love that they’re so open with me and so honest…they’re so willing to let me in and show me how they experience the world, how they experience New York, how they experience love and dating.”

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    The Matchmakers

    Directed + Produced by Eve Marie Blazo, Shot by Andrew Smith, Edited by Zach Meyer

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