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The Art & Science of Love Delivery, a Q&A

Valerie PresleyValerie Presley
Valerie Presley
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    Last week, I sat down with Julia Armet – Tawkify’s magnetic Director of Operations. She was one of our first matchmakers upon the company’s founding. She’s fun, sharp, and a wiz at her job!
    Heartalytics readers, meet Julia…

    Tell us about your role at Tawkify.

    “I am the liaison between the Matchmaking team and our clients. I support the Matchmaking team. I give them advice about how to match their clients. I teach them etiquette in terms of interacting with their clients. I network with them. Not only are they colleagues, we spend a lot of time out and about building Tawkify’s network in social situations.”

    In other words, she’s the leader of the pack. The Captain of the Ship, if you will.

    What’s the hardest thing about being a Matchmaker?

    “I’m an empath, so I would always be channeling people’s emotions, and I would hate to disappoint. I would hate to relay bad news, so I think the emotional investment that I put into each client made it difficult sometimes to do the job without being biased.”

    You were a very successful matchmaker — many of your couples are still going strong. What, overall, are the qualities that make a Matchmaker great?

    “A great Matchmaker is persistent, accountable, communicative, compassionate, nurturing, creative, and thrives under pressure.”

    How do you find and choose new Matchmakers that possess these qualities?

    “People come from very different backgrounds. My whole strategy is to identify evidence of success as their own boss. I view that as the first indication that potentially they will be able to be an independent matchmaker. The way that I bring people on board is that I really want to assess commitment and assess accountability. So much of what I do with the hiring is being transparent about the challenges of the job, and how much it requires of you from an emotional standpoint. This job is not for everyone. It takes a very talented person to excel in the role of Matchmaker.”

    Is it hard to train new Matchmakers? What are the biggest challenges?

    “A potential matchmaker goes through interviewing, training, and then tech training. Before they can even touch the tech, they go through 3 interviewing rounds. After getting through those rounds, we don’t just hire them and hand them clients – we provide them with training. All new Matchmakers complete a 10+ hour training where they learn how to represent our company properly, and what it means to be a Tawkify Matchmaker, as well as the tools. It’s about fostering their skill sets so they are able to excel in our business model.”

    How do you know which Matchmaker is right for each client?

    “I can identify parts of the Matchmaker’s character- and what natural tact they have to find common ground with each client.”

    What were your favorite things about being a Matchmaker?

    “Changing lives. Seeing updates of relationships and you realize – wow, I’ve made a difference in their world.”

    Tawkify has a selection process? Why can’t we accept all?

    “We want to be sure that we are set up for success, and can meet that potential client’s expectations. Rather than disappoint, we are upfront from the beginning.”

    One of the most common things we hear from potential clients is that Matchmaking is expensive. Why do you think it’s worth it?

    “Working with Tawkify isn’t outcome oriented, but more process oriented. We help our clients focus on the now and really start to understand how to be intimate and how to connect. The emphasis on the here-and-now vs. the outcome makes us into an experience where people are constantly learning about themselves, and gaining the essential tools to implement into their own dating lives so they eventually don’t need us. If they don’t find love with us, they can go on and start meeting people on their own. We are here to give them introductions to people they may have not met otherwise but more importantly, we are here to empower them.”

    Right. Most people don’t realize the value of the feedback process through matchmaking – until it’s experienced. Our matchmakers provide vital insight and guidance to their clients that can spark profound personal (and necessary) change.

    If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

    “Networking. I’m constantly collaborating with people and doing projects.”

    What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make in their dating lives?

    “It is a mistake to be intensely focused on the end goals, rather than being focused on the present moment. People who believe there is a strict list of criteria they need in the other person…I suggest to those people all the time that it’s not the qualities, it’s about how that other person makes you feel. It makes much more sense to be with someone who makes you feel like your best self.”

    What’s the secret to chemistry between 2 people?

    “Chemistry is biological and serendipitous. It’s truly about being in the right place at the right time. It’s all about the experience.”

    What can a matchmaker do that someone can’t do for themselves in their own private life?

    “Sometimes your own perspective gets in the way. Outsourcing to Tawkify allows you to not get in the way of yourself, and it takes off that personal pressure. There is a reason why you are meeting on a Tawkify date, it creates greater potential.”

    Related – why do you think a Matchmaker can do a better job than someone’s own friends and family?

    “There is so much history in your other relationships – that your friends and family all know about. A Matchmaker’s focus is on who you are right now – who will be the best for you as you are today. We’re all about authenticity.”

    What’s the biggest difference between working with a Matchmaker and dating online?

    “Working with a matchmaker is exciting and it’s also serious.”

    Agreed. Dating online has become the hum-drum norm. It’s like picking out the socks you’re going to wear that morning – or deciding what to order from the coffee shop. Working with a Matchmaker is exciting, different and fun. You can be confident that you’re not just “another sock.” If you’re involved in this process, you are serious about finding that special someone. Working with a matchmaker is a deliberate decision that indicates a sincerity those trolling online profiles just cannot match.

    “That’s right!”

    Thanks for your time Jules!

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