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Make being single on Valentine’s Day fun and inspiring with these 20 fantastic options for things to do.

20 Things to Do If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day (2024)

Contrary to what society tells you, couples don’t have a monopoly on Valentine’s Day. Singles can enjoy the day, too! If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, you’re in the right place. We’ve got 20 of the best ideas for things to do if you’re alone on V-Day, from hosting fancy dinners to volunteering […]

Ready for the dating and relationships show you’ve been waiting for? Learn more about our new Instagram Live show with celebrity hosts.

Introducing Tawkify LIVE: Dating & Relationships with Celebrity Guests

The dating and relationship show you’ve been waiting for is here! Get ready for incredible insights, intimate stories, and advice from people who are and have been navigating the modern dating world—just like you. Tawkify LIVE is your chance to listen to celebrity hosts chat about all things dating and relationships, reiterating the fact that, […]

Learn all about the snow-globing dating trend, including what it is, why people do it, and the signs to look out for.

Everything You Need to Know about Snow-Globing

The holiday season has a way of turning the mundane into something magical. City streets take on a cozy glow, once-darkened apartment windows shine with twinkling lights, and dating relationships get a boost of romance. But how do you know when holiday dating turns into snow-globing?  We’re here to talk about the snow-globing dating trend, […]

Tired of swiping, endless messaging, and dating fatigue? Learn from the Tawkify CEO how matchmaking services can bring you relationship success.

Inside Tawkify: An Exclusive Interview on Modern Matchmaking

If you’re tired of swiping, endless messaging, and the fatigue and frustration that can come with dating apps, it’s time to learn about the best matchmaking service in the biz. And who better to listen to than Tawkify CEO Kellie Ammerman? Kellie Ammerman was recently interviewed by Matt Seymour from Healthy Framework, a website that […]

October is the perfect time to go on some Halloween-themed dates! Check out our list for some spooky date ideas to get into the spirit of things.

10 Spooky Yet Romantic Date Ideas for Halloween

Fall is upon us, and this season offers the perfect time to go on some autumn-inspired and Halloween-themed dates. And if you’re interested in some spooky date ideas, then you’re in luck! No matter where you live, you’re sure to find some spooky and eerie attractions that will give you and your date a fright, […]

Dating a strong, independent woman? Follow our guide to learn what to expect and how to approach a relationship with her.

How Dating is Different for Strong, Independent Women

What does an independent woman want in a relationship? She wants just what any other woman wants: an honest, loving, and supportive relationship. And she dates just like other women: She searches for a compatible partner, dedicates time and effort to growing the relationship, and hopes for a future together. The only difference is that […]


50 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes for Singles

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a drag. It could even be—dare I say—celebrated? This February 14th, don’t even think about feeling sorry for yourself and, instead, embrace this special stage in your life where you get to focus entirely on you. Yes, that means eating all the chocolate you want, penning […]

Get inspired for the most romantic day of the year with these Valentine’s Day date ideas perfect for any couple!

40 New & Unique Valentines Date Ideas (2024)

Every year when February 14th nears, you might be wondering how to put a fresh spin on Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, we’ve brainstormed for you! When you want fantastic, romantic experiences that go beyond the traditional, these Valentine’s Day date ideas deliver. Whether you’re stuck in a dating-idea rut, just met someone who makes your heart […]

New Year’s Eve is a night when all kinds of sparks fly, but is a first date on New Year’s Eve the right call?

Should You Go on a First Date on New Year’s Eve?

Whether you’re finally getting the courage to ask someone out or considering meeting one of your Tawkify matches for the first time, you might be wondering if you should round out the old year with a new date.  Now, you probably already realize there are a lot of expectations when it comes to holiday dating. […]

Spice up your holiday season with a new flame! Discover helpful tips and insights for dating someone new for the holidays. From gift ideas to navigating family gatherings, our guide has got you covered. Read now for a merry and memorable holiday dating experience.

17 Tips If You’re Dating Someone New During the Holidays

The holiday season is supposedly the most wonderful time of the year—and that’s even more true if you’re single and looking for love. According to recent statistics, peak online dating season is between December 26 and Valentine’s Day, meaning that more people are actively looking for a partner during this time of year than at […]


3 Maxims For A Mindful New Year

Late Friday night I took an unconventional approach to ringing in the New Year. I grabbed a few things to keep warm, snack-on and write with for a 48-hour silent meditation retreat in the desert…

Kickstart your 2024 dating journey with our matchmaker's New Year's resolutions for singles. How will you date intentionally?

New Year’s Resolutions to Help Singles Find Love (2024)

As the clock ticks down to the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, the air is charged with the promise of new beginnings. Observed through the lens of this staff writer’s favorite holiday, let’s talk a bit about the opportunities the new year brings. Our recommendation, as you ponder how to find love? Instead […]

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