Everything You Need to Know about Snow-Globing

Learn all about the snow-globing dating trend, including what it is, why people do it, and the signs to look out for.

The holiday season has a way of turning the mundane into something magical. City streets take on a cozy glow, once-darkened apartment windows shine with twinkling lights, and dating relationships get a boost of romance. But how do you know when holiday dating turns into snow-globing? 

We’re here to talk about the snow-globing dating trend, why people do it, and the signs to look out for so that your holiday magic doesn’t turn into a new-year letdown.

What Does Snow-Globing Mean? 

Snow-globing is when someone acts like they’re serious about the person they’re dating during the holidays, only to dump them when the festivities are over. It’s named after those perfect seasonal settings in snowglobes, which often seem too magical to be true. 

Snow-globing typically happens to new relationships that either began during the holidays or even soon before the holiday season starts.

What’s the Psychology Behind the Snow-Globing Dating Trend?

Before you jump to conclusions about a person who snow-globes, take a moment to understand why this phenomenon happens in the first place. From a psychological perspective, there are a few key reasons for this seasonal trend, many of which can be subconscious. 

People Feel More Lonely During the Holidays

Humans are meant to be in community with one another, but that can be difficult during the holiday season when weather or long travel distances can get in the way of interpersonal connection. Buddying up with someone close by can help soothe a lonely ache. 

Plus, being single during the holidays can make certain social events, that might be catered toward couples, awkward to attend. The magic of the season might seem less charming to those who don’t have someone special to share it with, causing some people to amp up their holiday dating.

Snow-Globing Might Be an Effect of Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is a period of time during the winter months when people pair up. Why? Because cold weather and coziness drive people to want someone to cuddle up with (there is even research on hormones to back this up!). 

The winter cuffing season can influence dating during the holidays. People are already yearning for someone to nestle under a blanket with, and the romance of the holiday season can make the feeling more intense. Cue, snow-globing.

Societal (and Family) Pressures Are Real

It goes without saying (except we’re going to say it) that society shines its spotlight on romance during the holidays. Everywhere you turn, there are movies about falling in love under twinkling lights, TV ads about family togetherness or getting a special gift for your special someone, and so on. It’s only natural for those who are single, or who have just started dating someone, to feel pressure to couple up quickly.

Plus, some families poke and prod their loved ones about who they’re dating, why they’re still single, why didn’t so-and-so show up tonight—you get the idea. It’s not easy to navigate these questions and comments, making many people latch onto a date to get through the holiday season (and family get-togethers).

Snow-Globing Signs to Watch Out For

Now that you know what this dating term means and why some people do it, it’s time to learn the snow-globing signs to look out for. While not all of these holiday dating red flags are specific to snow-globing, it’s important to be aware of them so you know what to do.

There’s a Sudden Boost in Romantic Interest

Sudden intense romantic interest is by no means something to be concerned about. However, when this happens with someone who previously was taking things slow or even who you just met, it could be a sign that they’re snow-globing you. 

If you feel caught off guard by their sudden romantic behavior or interest, or if it seems contrary to their normal behavior, then chances are that they’re latching on to the snow-globing dating trend.

How to Handle It: While your date might be genuinely interested in you, if you feel that things are becoming too lovey-dovey too quickly, then communicate your concern to your partner. Ask about this sudden change in behavior and if it’s genuine. If you want something more than a holiday fling, express that desire and see if your date is on the same page.

They Love Bomb You

Did someone new enter your life around the holidays and start showering you with romantic gestures, gifts, and compliments? These are examples of love bombing, which can take the form of love and dedication on the outside to mask something less trustworthy on the inside. If someone love bombs you during the holidays, it could be a manipulation tactic to pressure you to be by their side for all things holiday: parties, couples’ outings, and so on.

How to Handle It: Is your date taking the 12 days of Christmas too far, showering you with 12 lavish gifts? Try not to connect the extravagance of their behavior with trust or safety. Yes, some people’s love language is giving gifts, but place this in the context of the situation: If you just met them and they’re acting this way, it might be because they’re snow-globing you. Express your discomfort or concern, and consider taking a step back from the relationship.

They Pressure You to Attend Social Events with Them

Part of the holiday fun is going to festive events—and having a plus-one is the icing on the holiday cake. But perhaps the person you just started dating expects you to attend every one of the parties they’re invited to. Perhaps they seem casual about other parts of the relationship and only seem to want you by their side at events. This might be a way of giving themselves a safety net during holiday parties, when coupling up seems to be the norm.

How to Handle It: If you start dating during the holidays, talk about expectations at the beginning. What events do you feel comfortable attending, and which ones do you want to sit out? Part of dating with intention is communicating your wants and needs, so make sure you get on the same page with your partner before the party-going begins.

You Feel Pressured to Meet Their Family

One of the holiday dating do’s and don’ts for a new relationship is pressuring your partner to meet your family. So, if the person you just started dating does this to you, be on your guard. They could be trying to live up to their family’s expectations or competing with their siblings’ love lives. Whatever the reason, if you feel pressured to attend family events too early for your liking (or you find out that their family didn’t even know about you), your date is probably snow-globing you.

How to Handle It: There’s no timeline for meeting your date’s family or close circle of friends—it all depends on what you feel comfortable with. If you’re not ready to meet their family, just say so. They should respect your wishes and be okay with waiting to introduce you.

They Suddenly Lose Interest After the New Year

This is the telltale sign of snow-globing: when the person you’ve been dating during the holidays (who displayed signs of being serious) suddenly starts ghosting you or breaks up with you once the festivities are over. 

How to Handle It: Navigating a post-holiday breakup can be difficult. It’s important to find closure, process your feelings, and face the reality that the person you dated could have been snow-globing you. Whether their actions were subconscious or intentional, find a way to move on by reading our guide to dealing with a holiday breakup. Tawkify has a wealth of dating advice and resources that will help you be on your way to finding your person.


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