9 Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for the Holiday Season

From ice skating to creating the 12 dates of Christmas, these Christmas date ideas will have you swooning. Get all 9 holiday date ideas right here.

The most wonderful time of year is here, which means it’s time to go all in on romantic, holiday-themed dates. But amid the hustle and bustle of the season, you might not have gotten around to planning festive dates for you and yours.

Thankfully, we have some of the best Christmas date ideas right here, so all you have to do is relax and be merry. From seasonal classics like ice skating to unique options like creating the 12 dates of Christmas, you’ll have plenty of options for winter date ideas.

Decorate Cookies

If you think that cookie decorating is just for kids, think again! This is one of those holiday-themed date ideas that you’ll find yourselves coming back to every year—because it’s one more excuse to buy all the fun sprinkles, food dyes, and edible decorations that you can’t justify at other times of year. Plus, decorating cookies is just plain fun.

Bake simple sugar or shortbread cookies, then create a decoration station with all the necessities. Turn on some Christmas music, don holiday aprons, and you and your date have the makings of a fun-filled evening.

Find the Most Festive Bar in Town

Many bars turn into winter wonderlands during the holidays, with seasonal drinks, festive decor, and, of course, Christmas tunes. If you need a bit of liquid courage to get through the season, why not partake with your date by your side? Find festive spots in your neck of the woods, then clink glasses of mulled wine, gingerbread martinis, or spiked eggnog. 

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a Christmas date idea that’s fun no matter your age. Whether you’re a skating pro or a once-every-five-years type, take the opportunity to experience one of the most classic winter date ideas that helps ring in the season. 

You and your date can glide hand in hand along the ice and show off your skills to each other. If you’re both ice skating amateurs, this date is sure to bring on all the laughs as you both try your hardest not to be the first one to fall. 

View Christmas Lights

When you’re looking for romantic holiday activities, just grab your date, a cup of hot cocoa, and your car. These three things are all you need to view the best Christmas lights in town.

Do some research ahead of time to find out which areas in your city have the best displays, then map out a route that will take you to certain houses or even multiple neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods encourage walking, which creates an even more romantic environment. 

Participate in Each Other’s Traditions

Part of holiday dating is navigating the other person’s traditions — whether family, cultural, or religious ones. One winter date idea to show that you truly care about this person in your life is to participate in a holiday tradition that’s special to them. You could suggest attending a religious service, cooking a particular meal, or doing another holiday-specific activity. 

At first glance, these might not seem like traditional dates, but it’s important to remember that a date can simply involve spending quality time together. And connecting with your partner can certainly include doing something that is meaningful to them. 

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Attend a Christmas Party Together

Nothing says Christmas date ideas like attending any and all of the festive events together. From end-of-year work celebrations to ugly Christmas sweater parties to gift exchanges, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to taking your dynamic duo to seasonal events.

Just keep in mind that though attending social events together may mean that you’re both taking the relationship to the next level, it could also be a red flag if done too soon. If you’re dating or texting someone new and they’re pressuring you to meet their family and friends too early for your liking, it could be a sign of snow-globing

But that’s not to say you can’t have fun regardless of your date’s intentions. Pick out that sparkly red dress, put on your crazy Christmas socks, wear those ugly holiday sweaters, and make it a holiday date to remember.

Ride a Horse-Drawn Carriage

When you’re considering holiday first-date ideas, sometimes it’s fun to lean into the romance of the season. Impress your date with a horse-drawn carriage ride, which you can often find in downtown areas, historic districts, or parks. Bundle up and get cozy for one of the most festive and romantic holiday activities.

Go Holiday Shopping Together

Navigating the crowds of holiday shoppers can be overwhelming to say the least, but turning it into a date can make it fun! Make your shopping list, and have your date create theirs, then start checking items off as you pop into stores together. If either of your love languages is giving gifts, this is a perfect opportunity to pick out something special. 

Round out your shopping date day at a bakery or cafe, where you both can finally relax and treat yourselves to a little holiday decadence. 

Try the 12 Dates of Christmas

If you haven’t heard of the 12 days of Christmas date ideas, you’re in for a holiday treat. Spice up your dating life during this special season by creating the 12 dates of Christmas for you and your boo. 

For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, you’ll need 12 different dates. These will differ depending on how much time you have, your budget, and your preferences, but no matter what, try to make each one centered around the holiday. For example, one day could be simply going to your local coffee shop to share a festive latte, another day could include watching a classic Christmas movie on the couch, and yet another day might level up to baking that complex holiday dessert you both saw on The Great British Baking Show.

The 12 dates of Christmas, no matter how small, are a great way to carve out time for each other during a busy season.

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