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3 Maxims For A Mindful New Year

Photographer: Melvin Sokolsky

Photographer: Melvin Sokolsky

Marisha Dixon told us to…

Throw out the resolutions and try something new!

Focus on the feelings you’d like to experience in life versus listing out resolutions. 

For example, my four desired feelings this year are: clarity, fun, freedom and love. There are limitless ways to experience these feelings, but I can be more intentional about making sure they are incorporated into my life regularly.

Shifting from resolutions to feelings in this manner have a number of benefits. Reflect on the energy experience simply by thinking of the word resolution…it creates tension and pressure — it develops a mindset that within you or your life there’s a problem you must solve. I don’t think that’s a very uplifting perspective to live from.

You transcend this by empowering yourself to choose feelings to nurture in your life. Then, the best part is actually participating in experiences and interacting with people who are aligned with those desired feelings.

I believe this shift keeps life simple. It makes each day a pleasant surprise that you can enjoy instead of being wrapped up in the eventual achievement of a single resolution.

So, what are your feeling words to live by this 2018? I’d love to know.

We’re halfway through the first month of the year and Marisha is back for more New Year inspiration — out with the old and in with the new, people!

Late Friday night, I took an unconventional approach to ringing in the New Year. I grabbed a few things to keep warm, snack-on and write with for a 48-hour silent meditation retreat in the desert. No access to any devices or WiFi. From dawn on Saturday, December 30th until New Year’s morning, our little group of 20 sat, walked, ate and of course slept, in silence (except for those who snored). It was a one-of-a-kind experience! Here’s what I discovered (and rediscovered)…

  1. One size fits all is a senseless notionThere’s no point in aiming to live a life that reflects anyone else’s standards but your own. Success (and happiness) look different from person to person.Deliberately choosing to spend time alone can be seen as a waste — too challenging or even undesirable. However, solitary time is key to achieve self-awareness and to determine who you are and also identify what values, interests and characteristics are a true reflection of your best life.
  2. The good news about the bad newsThere is wisdom hiding within our mistakes! Almost every conflict one can face, has faced, and will face offer an opportunity to learn something new, to grow, and to be prepared for the next level of life. Mindfulness illuminates clues you’ll need to keep going. Don’t bemoan your mistakes, embrace them!
  3. The answers are always withinMindfulness offers three man benefits: First, it calms us down and soothes anxiety. Second, mindfulness blocks out the distractions of our hyperconnected society.

Definition courtesy of Mindful

Definition courtesy of Mindful

Third, mindfulness sharpens both our creative and intuitive abilities.

Everything that’s meant for us is provided. However, it’s difficult to be receptive when we’re constantly tuned into external noise. Practice makes perfect in mindfulness just as in sports, studies, etc… Make this kind of thinking a habit and you will develop a life changing skill.

So many creative ideas were born while keeping mum out in the desert — stay tuned for more!

Marisha Dixon
Matchmaker + Executive Coach

Marisha is a Matchmaker and RelationSHIFT™ Coach on a mission to help you improve how you live, work, and love. If you’re ready to rethink what’s possible in love and life, sign up for her newsletter and tell a friend!

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