5 Steps to “Tawk” Yourself Into Better Relationships

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    Do any of these statements sound like you or someone you know? I’ve made similar statements for years, and so have most people I know:

    There are no good men.
    Women are too materialistic!
    Dating sucks…I just want to be settled already.
    I’m not willing to settle!
    …wait, are my standards too high?!

    Dating should be fun, simple and stress free. Regardless of who shows up to meet you, there’s much to gain from interactions with one another. No, it won’t always be your prince charming and/or Cinderella, but that’s OK! It’s time to clear the clutter from the unhealthy conversations you might be having about love (with yourself and others). Begin a new narrative, because your words have power!

    On this episode of Tawk To Me, I sat down with Dr. Pamela Butler, Clinical Psychologist in Marin County, California and author of Talking to Yourself: How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Change Your Life to pick her brain on a topic often overlooked in the dating and relationship space, mental health.

    Stay tuned for the third installment of the mental health segment of Tawk To Me, where we’ll be discussing Minding Your Mindset: How to Stop Stressing Out in Love & Life.

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