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Art: Malika Favre

Art: Malika Favre

If you missed National Singles Week, don’t panic! We have all the major takeaways and top-tips from the week summarized in a handy guide right here on Heartalytics. Date on!

Day 1: Relationships  The Struggle is Real, So Are the Blessings

Today is a new day. It is the beginning of a new commitment to find love right where you are – without judgment. Today is the day to acknowledge that life is happening for you, not against you. This is your opportunity to identify the contributions you have made to your life experience (good and bad); and again, without judgment. No shame, guilt, or blame. Let’s really look at the lens through which we’ve drawn conclusions about love and relationships… does that lens serve our goals? Or is it a roadblock?

Today’s lesson: a self-guided activity and affirmation. This is a simple solution to get “unstuck.” Identify what your roadblocks are, and strategize to knock em’ down! This is the first step to ensure you navigate to your new version of happily ever after. Here’s a snippet of Day 1’s video lesson☟


Day 2: When The Vision Is Clear, All Decisions Become Easier

Describe the romance you want to experience. This is the beginning of putting to rest any old narratives you used to tell. Yesterday you swept away the paradigms that no longer serve you and the romance you’re seeking. And today you will prepare to live life with a love filled vision. My matchmaker colleague, Cora Boyd describes how to navigate this process beautifully:

“It’s important to be clear on what we want from our love lives, to have standards, and to hold ourselves (and our dates) to those standards. That being said, often life has other plans for us than we had for ourselves – and that’s what makes it magical.” 

“Intentions and goals provide us with something to strive for, but in dating, it’s important that we don’t set goals so rigid that they hinder the unpredictable course of romance.” 

Here’s a snippet of Day 2’s video lesson☟

Day 3: Love Is Like Manure

I know, I know! It’s a weird title, but hear me out. Love is like manure because when you hoard it and it piles up in one place, it really is just this one stinky mess! But boy, oh boy when you spread it around, it grows and creates beautiful things – lasting memories and experiences that you can share with others.

So today, your challenge is simple. You are going to give up waiting for love to find you. Today you commit to giving it. Go out and share your love! Today’s lesson and self-guided activity provides you with 10 ways in 10 minutes or less to begin showing yourself love and nurturing relationships with others. 

Day 4: Your Body Is Your Temple, Treat It Accordingly

We’ve all heard the expression, “your body is your temple.” When you consider the traditional definition of a “temple,” its becomes clear why we should think of our bodies in the same way. A temple includes the following elements:

  • It is a place dedicated to worship
  • It includes a divine presence within it
  • It is a place reserved for a highly valued function

Even if you’re not a religious person, it is helpful to consider your body as an important edifice – it is indeed the foundation on which your good health and well-being is based. So, treat it accordingly! Here’s a snippet of Day 2’s video lesson☟

Day 5:  Know Your Worth

Have you ever heard of the term Identity Capital? Your identity Capital are all of the assets you’ve acquired from various sources and life experiences – from your professional career, school, travel, volunteer work, etc. It’s all of the ways in which you have knowingly or even unknowingly invested in yourself; the ways in which you are unique.

When you begin to see yourself as an invaluable asset to the world around you because of all that you’ve accomplished and overcome, you will begin to feel a sense of self-worth. You are obligated to protect your assets moving forward. Today’s lesson will help you to recognize all of the amazing qualities that make you unique to the world (and to your future lover). If you don’t recognize and celebrate your own assets, how can you expect someone else to?

Day 6: Models of Excellence Help Form Our Pillars of Purpose

“You can’t be what you don’t see.”

…quote from Marie Wilson of the White House Project on women in the media. While she used this phrase to describe the invisibility of women in the media, the core of the message speaks loudly to what you will be exploring in today’s lesson (for both men and women). While everyone isn’t pioneer, that doesn’t mean every individual doesn’t have potential. Some folks simply need inspiration, leadership, paths to follow, and an example to help them believe that they can succeed.

There are models of excellence in your life who embody the characteristics of healthy, loving relationships that are grounded on a deep understanding of (and commitment to) their individual core values – or what I call Pillars of Purpose. Today’s lesson will help you to recognize these characteristics in others, so you can choose romantic partners who posses the values you admire. 

Day 7: The Spark – 75 First Date Prompts For Better Decision Making

Now that you’ve prepared yourself for the romance you want, it’s time to put all of these tools into practice in an actual date setting! Do you believe in chemistry and soul mates? Are you unsure of what to discuss on a first date? Have you walked away from a date unsure of where to go next? Day 7 has you covered.

Ditch the technical difficulties of dating and get clarity with ‘The Spark: 75 First Date Prompts for Better Decision Making.’

Here you’ll find more than 75 first date prompts, get the scoop on what a date really is, and uncover the truth about soul mates and chemistry, along with tips to make dating simple and fun.

Included with this guide is a 90min video with myself and three other professional relationship experts and matchmakers who will help you become a master dater!
Enjoy these two snippets from Day 7☟

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