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The Connection Movement offers A Sleep-Away Camp for Adults

Connection Camp is for any adult who is longing to dive into deeper relating with themselves and others. Anyone craving a sense of community...

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I sat down with Amy Silverman, to discuss the genius behind her progressive and, may I assert–presently relevant, brainchild–The Connection Movement

Q. Amy, what is The Connection Movement?

The Connection Movement, founded in 2012, is a growing international oasis and playground for face-to-face connection and human interaction. Participants come together to explore ways of seeing, connecting, and appreciating themselves and others at a deeper level through social, workshop, and retreat settings. Through this Movement, I’m committed to helping people engage with vulnerability, earnest and authentic expression, and empathy.

Our gatherings and work together are  primarily focused around Circling (also referred to as Relational Meditation) and Authentic Relating practices.  We’re inspired by the practices and teachings of Circling, Authentic World, Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Mindfulness, Morehouse, Meditation and NonViolent Communication.

Q. Beautiful! What is your background and current role at The Connection Movement?

I am the Founder and Lead facilitator of The Connection Movement. I have over 20 years professional experience working internationally as a workshop creator and facilitator, public and private school teacher, teacher-trainer, program-innovator, coach and consultant, small-business owner, and theatrical director. Through The Connection Movement, I create and facilitate workshops, retreats, and coaching programs in the areas of self-discovery, community building and deeper connection.

Q. The Connection Movement is doing something a little different this year. I hear it’s called Connection Camp. What Is Connection Camp?

This is the first year of Connection Camp and we’re thrilled to be kicking off with an amazing group July 1-4 in the Poconos. Connection Camp is a 4 day, 3 night Sleep-away Camp-style retreat for grownups intended to connect us to play, to nature, to each other, to creativity, to ourselves…

“Besides all the camp-traditions like bonfires, cabins, color war relays, lake-time, hiking, talent show and more, there will also be nearly 40 interactive workshops to choose from over the 4 days.”

Q. Wait a minute. So–it’s a camp that equips adults with skills to be better humans…that’s also fun. Finally! (Giggles)…What types of topics do you cover at camp?

The range of participatory Connection Camp workshops is great. In our morning practices, we focus primarily on our connection to ourselves and to nature – through meditation, yoga, guided meditation nature hike, and other introspective practices. And our daytimes are filled with opportunities to connect through dance and movement, Circling (inter-personal meditation), art, improv and drama, games, clowning, massage and touch, letter-writing, a Marry-Yourself ceremony, music, and so much more. All of the workshops are designed to help us embrace a deeper connection to ourselves and others.

Q. And who leads these programs?

All of our teachers are mindfully curated professionals, selected by me and my collaborator, JJ. One fun aspect of camp is that our leaders are also participating in camp when they’re not “on-duty”. So you’ll get to interact and play and hang out with the teachers all weekend.

Q. Is there a “typical” kind of person your program is best suited for?

Connection Camp is for any adult who is longing to dive into deeper relating with themselves and others. Anyone craving a sense of community…

“It’s for adults who feel like kids at heart, or want to find that in themselves again. It’s also for the adults who loved camp as kids and want a nostalgic throwback to the fun of belonging and play OR the adults who never go to go to camp and finally have their chance.”

Q. OK, so I’m definitely coming (haha)…What are the greatest challenges you feel the “modern dater” faces today? What general advice do you have for singles out there?

I have a couple of thoughts around this. There are the challenges of finding great people to date, who have like-interests and values. And, then there are the challenges that come up when you are dating and getting to know someone.  Of course, Tawkify Matchmakers are the best experts on the first challenge… though I can share that what I’ve found as the best way to meet awesome people is to commit to doing what I love and enjoy – my passions and hobbies – and trust that I’ll find the kinds of people I want to date there. I’ve found this to be more successful than going-fishing in the digital dating world where there’s no way to really feel and sense who you are writing to.

And regarding the second part, the challenges that come up while dating and getting to know someone… I think the greatest keys here are curiosity and communication. To me, curiosity means bringing a sense of wonderment and allowance to getting to know each other, letting go of prejudgments and expectations.  And communication – I believe that earnestly and fully-owning what is true is the only way to create a solid, healthy, relationship built to sustain ups-and-downs and challenges…

“If we start a relationship with habit hiding and pretending, the foundation is rocky and less likely to thrive through challenges.”

Vulnerability and letting down the masks are what we all crave deep inside, even though we may be afraid of rejection or getting hurt. I’m a strong believer in growing our Relational IQ so that we can navigate these challenges (and that’s a big reason why I founded The Connection Movement).

Q. Agreed on all points. Do you feel that Tawkify and The Connection Movement are simpatico and why?

Yes! I do see that Tawkify and The Connection Movement are simpatico–we are both committed to cultivating relationships. While our approaches are different and Tawkify focuses on romantic relationships in particular, the outcome we both desire is linking people who feel a sense of connection and thrive in vibrant and healthy relationships.

Q. I think we’re simpatico too! A Tawkify Matchmaker plans to attend Camp this Summer. How do you see her fitting into the program? How do you envision her skill-set/perspective will benefit the Campers?

While Connection Camp isn’t a singles-event, we have a fair number of campers attending who are not in romantic relationships. I love the idea of a Tawkify matchmaker getting to know folks well through camp. If our campers choose to become members or clients with Tawkify, they’ll have a relationship with a matchmaker at Tawkify who really knows them, increasing the odds that they may get a Tawkify boost towards meeting their match! And I’m also excited about the ways in which the Tawkify Matchmaker will leave feeling invigorated and inspired and fired up to help people feel amazing in connection with each other.

Q. I can’t wait to hear how Camp goes! OK, now the tough question–If everyone walked away from camp with only 1 take-away, what take-away would you want that to be?

The greatest takeaway I could wish for is that people feel nourished – filled up from connection and play and a deeper relationship with themselves.

Thank you Amy! 

Tawkify Members and Clients–this message is for you. Connection Camp kicks off July 1st. Amy has extended a $50 discount to any of you who would like to join in on Connection Camp this summer. Use coupon code: “Tawkify” upon registering, here. A Tawkify Matchmaker will be “camping out” right along with you. 

As always friends, Love Wisely–and just for today’s interview, Stay Connected, 

Editor, Heartalytics

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