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Dating Instruction Roundup IX: The Holiday Edition

Holiday season is finally here--and what better way to celebrate than an evening of delicious food and sparkling conversation...

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Volume IX of the Dating Instruction Roundup is here! What (holiday themed) pieces of wisdom will this month bring?

Look to these snapshots for quick, no nonsense tips that get right to the heart of the matter…a dating instruction roundup, if you will. 

Enjoy these short, sage snippets of input and encouragement on us:

Matchmaker Gaby Aratow:

Fret not if you find yourself alone on a holiday.  Falling in love doesn’t follow a calendar.  It’s too magical, too mysterious, too mercurial to be defined by our timeline.  Remember good things are coming for you when they are meant to come.  Look for the silver lining in the moment, and sometimes, that’s the peace of solitude.

Matchmaker Alyssa Bunn adds:

The thing about soulmates is that finding one is totally out of our control. It happens when it happens – a strange confluence of luck and timing mixed with an open heart, open mind and a wee bit of magic. 

The time we spend yearning for that perfect person is time we should rather spend expanding our own spirit.

Instead of surviving through another Jared’s commercial, use that time to work on yourself. Enjoy the holidays for what they’re all about – gathering with family and friends. Leave that tricky romance piece to us (if you’re a Tawkify client).

…and if your Great Aunt won’t get the hint, don’t be afraid to tell her that you’re not broken, you’re just single! 

Matchmaker Corinne Dobbas offers some perspective:

If you’re single this holiday season, keep in the back of your mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. BUT it is greener where you water it. In other words, being single can be hard, but relationships can be hard too. If you choose to focus on the positive and what you appreciate about your life and all that you have, that positive energy is going to radiate out into the world. And guess what? That positive, self-confident energy is downright attractive. You have the power to keep your energy light, warm-hearted, curious and fun — and that is the energy that will lock in a future mate. If you choose to focus on the good, the good is what will e-x-p-a-n-d in all areas of your life, including your romantic endeavors. 

And if you have any upcoming dates this Holiday season, Matchmaker Candice Cain, has some words of wisdom for you:

Holiday season is finally here–and what better way to celebrate than an evening of delicious food and sparkling conversation?

Happy Holidays singletons — wishing everyone a cheerful & bright weekend and New Year!

Much love, 

Your Tawkify Matchmakers

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