Partridge in a “Pair” Tree

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    It’s Christmas! It’s Chanukah! It’s Kwanzaa! 

    Happy Holidays to all you lovers, daters and mistletoe kissers!

    We’re keeping it short this week because, let’s be honest, everyone is exhausted from all the parties, food and holiday spirit. We stumbled upon this photo and it immediately made us think about duos- in all their forms. Humanity craves the pair. We all look for it, hope for it, search for our “other.” Romantic comedies aside, it can be tough. And the truth is, our destined other may be unlike anything we expected. Maybe your “pair” is a teddy bear riding shotgun. Good. 

    Love is out there waiting for all of us. In the season of love- cheers to all who have found it, and all that still seek. 


    Team Tawkify

    London, 1940’s. Photographer unknown. 

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