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Matchmaker Says: Lisa Yanni Revealed

This week’s Matchmaker Says is all about the talented and beautiful Lisa Yanni! Last week, Lisa was featured in The Evening Tribune in an article authored by Jason Jordan, focused on unconventional careers. Like many of our matchmakers Lisa came to us from several (seemingly) unrelated fields–teaching and IT recruitment…

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Matchmaker Says: Why I Love This Job

Two weeks ago Director of Tawkify Operations, Julia Armet, shared some of her from the trenches matchmaker secrets. We asked her what qualities made a matchmaker great, and she responded with:

“A great Matchmaker is persistent, accountable, communicative, compassionate, nurturing, creative, and thrives under pressure.”

This week, we thought you might like to hear directly from the talented group of love makers that embody these traits. We asked a couple of our matchmakers, “What do you love about this job?”… 

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Matchmaker Says: Who Marries Who?

When it comes to falling in love, it’s not just fate that brings people together—sometimes it’s their jobs. We scanned data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey—which covers 3.5 million households—to find out how people are pairing up. Some of the matches seemed practical (the most common marriage is betweengrade-school teachers), and others had us questioning Cupid’s aim (why do female dancers have a thing for male welders?)…

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Matchmaker Says: The May-December Romance

Every now and then a reader submits a question to us through the ask page of Heartalytics. We then send these questions directly to our team of matchmakers.

These tidbits of insight usually end up being funny and informative- and everyone can benefit from a little extra matchmaker expertise! 

A recent reader came to us with a topic that films, books and research have examined for decades…

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Matchmaker Says: When Should You Call?

Question: When should I talk to a woman after a great date?

Matchmaker Radha says: That’s a great question. My answer to you would be simply that every date is different, and that every person is different as well. There are so many silly rules out there – such as waiting three days to contact someone after a date in order to not appear too eager. I personally believe that there should be no hard and fast rules when it comes to making contact after a date. If the date went really well…

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The Heart Beat: Dating to Marry

This week, a reporter for a national magazine rung us up to ask how a gal could know if her fella is “marriage material.” They’re looking for specific “signs” that a boyfriend might be a keeper, and wondered how we might advise a client asking this type of question. Our matchmakers, as you can imagine, had plenty of answers for her. But it got me to thinking–because of course nothing is simple when it comes to people’s love lives–that maybe this wasn’t the right question. Or rather, that this simple question stirred up other questions that feel more fundamental and somehow important, like, “why do people date in the first place?” or, asked another way, “is it correct to assume that everyone dating hopes it will lead to marriage?”

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What To Tawk About

Episode II of the What To Tawk About Series. Catch up on Episode 1 here

So what SHOULD you talk about?  Everything else! The best relationships begin with a conversation–a two-way conversation. They unfold naturally, organically, as two people introduce their best selves to one another, discovering along the way, and hopefully developing an appreciation for who that other person actually is.  (Which is why the very idea of “choosing” a potential mate from a photograph or basic profile is so wholly ineffective.)

Good date conversation starters can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, but are open-ended, with the power to spark a conversation that might last for hours. Some examples…

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What To (not) Tawk About

Since we specialize in first dates, our matchmakers are often asked for appropriate date icebreakers. 

We curate blind date experiences that we plan and book for our matches.

Suddenly face-to-face with a potential new love interest, new clients struggle a little bit for “safe” topics and tried-and-true conversation starters. What should or shouldn’t they say?…

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What Women Really Want

Don’t worry, this is not a bait-and-switch headline. I’m going to tell you what women really want. And men too, while we’re at it. I’m writing on behalf of a matchmaking company, after all. Lean in.

What women (and men) really want is…

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