Dating Etiquette: How To Make Introductions

Since the blog’s founding, we’ve noticed a trend of questions indicating a general lack of mannerly behavior on dates. But what is the root cause here? Discussion with fellow Tawkify teammates has led to several possible explanations…

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Dating Industry Broadcast II

Methods of finding a partner have changed dramatically over the decades (and indeed centuries). If you’re worrying that this ‘new normal’ is only for those who grew up with a smartphone, remember – digital dating is just the latest evolutionary step…

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Dating Industry Broadcast I

The “dating scene” has radically evolved in the last 5 years alone. Have you felt the impact of these changes on your dating life? The only certainty is that this pattern of transformation will continue. What does this mean for the modern dater and how does dating and technology intersect? Get the scoop on what’s new in the dating industry with our monthly Dating Industry Broadcast…

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Ask Renée: Unwedded & Over 50

Isn’t it interesting that when someone has never been married and is over a certain age, we’re inclined to wonder “What’s wrong with you?” But when someone is divorced and a certain age, we typically don’t wonder the same thing…

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The Truth Behind Miss-Matched Couples

While there are all kinds of variations within partners, mixed-attractiveness couples do go somewhat against the grain. We’re often cautioned that real beauty is found within, but good looks are among the more highly rated characteristics in what people say they want in a romantic partner. And in general, couples tend to be more similar in many respects…

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