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Ask Renée: Unwedded & Over 50

Isn’t it interesting that when someone has never been married and is over a certain age, we’re inclined to wonder “What’s wrong with you?” But when someone is divorced and a certain age, we typically don’t wonder the same thing…

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The Truth Behind Miss-Matched Couples

While there are all kinds of variations within partners, mixed-attractiveness couples do go somewhat against the grain. We’re often cautioned that real beauty is found within, but good looks are among the more highly rated characteristics in what people say they want in a romantic partner. And in general, couples tend to be more similar in many respects…

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Dating Instruction Roundup, Volume III

There is a profound authenticity to meeting someone as you are – as they are – for the first time – especially when you least expect it. In that moment you are discovering another person, figuring out in realtime who they are and – if you’re lucky – sensing that mysterious alchemy of burgeoning interest, maybe attraction…

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What Is “Manhood” To The Modern Man?

Manhood is loosely defined. The simple definition pinpoints qualities such as strength and courage as indicators of manhood. But…are we discussing a strong physical body or strength of character? Courage in the face of environmental danger or emotional grit…

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