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Is She the One? Read this Before You Pop the Question!

Are you wondering if your girlfriend is marriage material? Follow our guide for advice to help you determine if she’s the one for you!

Before getting down on one knee and asking your girlfriend to marry you, we recommend reflecting on your relationship and considering whether you’re meant to be life-long partners. 

But how do you know if she’s marriage material? And better yet, how do you know if she is the one for you? 

While every relationship is unique, we’ve gathered some tell-tale signs of a woman whose mind and heart are in the right place for marriage. 

When trying to decide if your partner is the one, review our guide below to determine if any of the following attributes ring true in your relationship. If these qualities represent your partner, then you just might be ready to propose!

1. She Accepts You

If you’re wondering if she is the one, think about how she perceives you. Does she love you exactly the way you are? Or does she call out your flaws and pinpoint your shortcomings? 

Someone who is marriage material will understand you’re not 100% perfect and adore you anyway. In fact, she might even love those unique qualities about you, like the way you snort when you laugh really hard, get emotional when you watch Christmas movies, and scream bloody murder when you see a spider. They should love the entire package, flaws and all—not just the good parts. 

2. She Challenges You

While it’s important she accepts you, it’s also important for your partner to challenge you to be your best self. 

Your forever person should be someone who encourages you to apply for that new position, volunteer with that organization you’re passionate about, join that cooking class you’ve always wanted to take, and try out for that sports team. She should support your goals and dreams, whether that’s taking steps toward improving your health, enhancing your career, giving back to your community, or even simply marking things off your bucket list. 

3. She Loves You

There’s a difference between love and infatuation. Love is what will see you through thick and thin, while infatuation tends to be fleeting. Infatuation often comes before love, as it describes that passionate, exciting rollercoaster of emotions you experience when you have a crush. Meanwhile, love is something that slowly grows as you get to know each other better and begin to form a bond. 

If she is the one for you, you should feel a mutual love for one another that goes beyond simple attraction and chemistry. 

4. She Talks about a Future Together

If you think you might be ready to propose, ensure you’re both on the same page. Does she talk about a future with you? And does she include you in her plans for next year and beyond? If you’re having serious discussions about where you want to settle down, what kind of dog you want to adopt, or when you’ll buy a home together, she may be the one for you. 

5. She is Honest with You

If your girlfriend is always honest with you, then she might be marriage material. After all, sharing mutual trust and transparency are significant pillars of a healthy relationship. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether she’s lying about how she feels, where she’s going, or what she’s done. If she is always willing to be open with you and has never given you any reason to doubt her, then you just may have found the one.

6. She Listens to You

The ability to listen is a quality of a good partner, but it’s not necessarily as simple as you might think. You want someone who will really listen to you, meaning they will put aside any distractions, make contact with you, and tune into not only what you’re saying with your words but how you’re communicating with your body language. Someone who is marriage material will actively listen to you, picking up cues along the way to ensure they’re fully processing what you’re telling them.

7. She Values Communication

When considering whether she’s the one you ought to marry, think about how you communicate with each other. 

If you’re both willing to have tough, honest conversations and avoid shying away from uncomfortable topics, then you may be ready for marriage. This is because having good communication is the foundation of a strong, successful relationship. If you want to continue to grow and thrive as a couple, she needs to be a good communicator who doesn’t bottle up her thoughts, feelings, or opinions. 

8. She Makes You Feel Safe and Secure

If she is the one, being around her should feel like home. Her presence should conjure warm and fuzzy feelings, giving you a sense of safety and security. 

If you believe you might be ready to propose, reflect on how you feel when her name pops up on your phone or when she comes to your house unannounced. Do you feel comfortable and at peace? Or do you feel anxious, nervous, and stressed out? These emotions can help you determine whether it’s a good idea to move forward together. 

9. She Shares Your Values

Sharing similar values and beliefs is a sign of compatibility, as it shows you see eye-to-eye on topics that are important to you both, such as politics and religion. Also, consider relationship values, such as your views on commitment and loyalty, financial goals, and even your thoughts on having children. While healthy debates are fine, some of these values may be the building blocks on which you grow your relationship, so respecting each other’s views and ensuring you’re not always at odds is essential. 

10. She Makes an Effort

If you’re asking yourself, is she the one, consider how she does (or doesn’t) contribute to your relationship. For example, do you take turns planning date night, or does that always fall on you? And does she make an effort to be friendly with your friends and family members, or does she avoid interacting with them entirely? 

When you both show up and actively work toward having a strong and loving relationship, this is a sign of compatibility that will help see you through the trials and tribulations of marriage.

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