11 Fun & Unique Long-Distance Date Ideas

If you and your partner are separated by hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles, you may find yourselves struggling to keep that spark in your relationship. But just because you’re too far away from each other to have in-person dates doesn’t mean you can’t have an exciting, thriving partnership. In fact, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can have a perfectly happy and healthy relationship, even from afar, and that’s where our long-distance date ideas come into the picture. 

Whether your partner is traveling for work, studying abroad, or living across the country, our list of virtual date ideas is here to help you and your partner feel more connected, regardless of the distance. 

1. Pencil in Date Night

While spontaneously calling your partner is an excellent way of catching up and showing you’re thinking of each other, we recommend scheduling one or two virtual dates a week where you both set aside time to chat without any distractions. Turn off the TV, silence your text messages, close your laptop, and give each other your undivided attention. 

Even if you don’t have games to play or activities to do together, this uninterrupted time devoted to each other gives you the space to connect, flirt, discuss any issues in your relationship, and plan your future, which isn’t always easy when you’re only calling each other on the go. 

2. Cook a Meal

For this fun Facetime date idea, take turns choosing a meal to cook together virtually. To start, select a recipe a few days before your scheduled date so you both have time to pick up the ingredients. Then, on the evening of your date, prop up your phones in your respective kitchens, throw on your aprons, and get cooking! Whether crafting a gourmet meal or baking a decadent dessert, you and your partner will practically forget you aren’t sharing the same kitchen. Of course, once you make your meals, set the table, and enjoy eating them together.

3. Take a Virtual Class

The couple that learns together stays together, right? For this long-distance date idea, join the same virtual class at the same time. If you can think of a skill you both want to learn, there’s a good chance there’s a virtual class for it, from art lessons to language courses and everything in between.

Take turns choosing a virtual class and then log on together. After the session ends, stay on the line and chat about the experience. Then, for your next virtual date, you can plan to put your new skills to use, whether that’s creating a water painting, conversing in a different language, or baking a souffle! 

4. Join a Virtual Game

Add a little friendly competition to your next virtual date and look into some long-distance date ideas games that you can play online together. For example, Tabletop Simulator is an online platform that lets multiple players join the same game. You can play a classic board game like chess or checkers, host a poker game, or even explore the many role-playing games available. To make it even more fun, hop onto Facetime simultaneously so you can hear each other’s commentary throughout the game!

5. Play an In-Person Game

If you’d prefer to go the simpler route, you can always play a non-virtual game during your Facetime date, in which case, your options are endless. Set up a game of Scramble to see who can form the most words, have some fun with MadLibs, or see if you’re brave enough for a round of Truth or Dare! It doesn’t matter how simple or complex the game is as long as you both have fun with it.  

6. Watch a Movie or Series

Just because you’re not sitting side by side doesn’t mean you can’t tune into your shows or watch a movie together. All it takes is some clever timing! 

To master this long-distance date idea, log into Facetime (or hop on the phone if it’s easier), pop some popcorn, get cozy on the couch, and click “play” at the same exact time. Together, you can watch the latest blockbuster hit, rewatch your all-time favorite film, or binge-watch a new TV series. You can offer your commentary, replay a funny scene, or pause for bathroom breaks, just like if you were watching the same screen in the same room. 

7. Read a Book Aloud

Reading out loud isn’t reserved for kids! In fact, reading with your partner is a great bonding activity. Sure, you could both decide to read a book and discuss it later, but you could also read the book together during your virtual date. 

For this easy Facetime date idea, pick up two copies of the same book and take turns reading aloud during your call. To make it even more fun, pour yourselves a glass of wine or make an ice cream sundae while you enjoy your very own two-person book club!

8. Plan a Vacation

If you’re missing each other a lot lately, a romantic getaway might be in order! Maybe you want to go on a big trip together or meet somewhere in the middle. Regardless of your vacation plans, use your virtual date to look at your schedules, talk through all the details, and start booking. Pull out your calendars and compare dates, research the ideal time to visit your destination, and discuss all the things you want to see and do on your trip. 

To keep yourselves organized, you can even create an agenda for each virtual date so you cover everything on your lists. Then, before you know it, you’ll be back in each other’s arms!

9. Dine Together

Sharing meals is a big part of dating, so don’t let a little distance get in the way of breaking bread together. If you like having a quick morning chat before work, why not pop on a call while you’re eating your cereal and drinking your coffee? Or, if you’d rather enjoy a longer chat, make room in your schedules so you can sit down for dinner at the same time. 

No matter if you’re eating lunch together on your lunch break, sipping some cocktails after work, or dining on a fancy four-course meal at home, these are great opportunities for spending some quality (virtual) time together. 

10. Take a Hike

Instead of taking your virtual phone call from inside your home, take your date on the go and into the great outdoors. This is a cute idea because you can explore your backyards together while sharing the sights and sounds you see along the way. 

For instance, if you live in a neighborhood, you might show your partner your neighbor’s new puppy, or if you live in a more remote area, you could let them hear the sounds of the birds on your hike. This is especially helpful if you haven’t visited your partner, as it can help you build a mental picture of where they live.

11. Make it a Double Date

When it comes to at-home date nights, who says it just has to be the two of you? Not us! For this date idea, make it a double (or triple!) date, and invite your friends to join. This is a great idea if you and your partner share a set of friends and all want to catch up, but it’s also an opportunity to introduce each other to the special people in your lives. If you’re already close with one another, you may just want to create a group chat so you can all shoot the breeze, but if you’re introducing friends, consider playing a round of trivia to help break the ice. 

That said, if you decide to make it a group date, just be sure your partner agrees to the idea ahead of time to avoid any unwelcome surprises. 

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