7 Benefits of Hiring a Matchmaker

Overwhelmed with dating? You should hire a matchmaker to help you navigate the dating scene and lead you to a successful relationship.

The current dating scene can be overwhelming. With more and more dating apps and websites popping up every year, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to sift through the plethora of options. To take that first step toward relationship success, it might be time to hire a matchmaker. 

Finding someone who is truly commitment-ready, in alignment with your values, and well suited for your unique personality is the search of a lifetime. While no one ever said finding your mate is easy, matchmaking provides individualized expertise to help make that search enjoyable and efficient. 

When you use a professional matchmaker, you’ll get a better sense of safety, experience less dating stress, save time and energy, enjoy a higher success rate than dating apps, enjoy more quality matches, and have personalized service and confidence throughout the dating process.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a matchmaker and why other singles are confident in outsourcing their search for “the one.”

1. Provides a Sense of Safety and Confidentiality 

Having a safe dating experience is crucial, but it’s not always the case. According to Pew Research, “roughly half of women [surveyed] think dating sites or apps are an unsafe way to meet people.” Many users experience some kind of harassment or unwanted, offensive messages.

But those who hire a matchmaker may experience an increased sense of safety and security. They have peace of mind knowing that their prospective matches have been screened, vetted, and background checked by another human being—not an algorithm. Every user’s private information and photos are safeguarded and restricted to matchmakers for the client’s safety and privacy. Private profiles that are only visible to matchmakers make singles feel more comfortable when using a matchmaking service.

2. Takes the Stress Out of Dating

Searching for a new partner to form a meaningful relationship with can be stress inducing. From swiping to chatting to scheduling countless meetups, modern dating can feel like a chore. Plus, you’re always wondering if the person on the other side of the screen will really be a good match. These factors can either make people avoid dating altogether or feel hopeless and pessimistic about their romantic future. 

Dating fatigue, be gone! Tawkify matchmakers make the dating journey enjoyable and stress free. Those looking for a committed partner can rest easy knowing that their personal matchmaker is vetting highly compatible singles for them and only providing quality options. Then, when clients receive a match, a fully designed date is included! All you have to do is show up with your winning personality.

3. Saves Time and Energy

The typical employed American uses up about 40 hours a week just for work, and this doesn’t even account for time spent commuting to and from work, exercising, preparing meals, taking care of household tasks—you get the idea. After deducting all that time for necessities, you’re left with minimal time for a social life, let alone time for finding someone to date on apps or through social hangouts. 

Enter, exclusive matchmakers. Tawkify matchmakers are keenly aware of their clients’ busy lives, so they make it a priority to work closely with clients to deliver an unforgettable experience, knowing that time is of the essence. They only provide matches and other communication depending on the package you select.

When you hire a matchmaker through Tawkify, you can choose from a variety of packages based on how many matches you’d like over a certain period of time. There are also options for singles who prefer a more hands-off approach and would like to be provided with matches only occasionally. Every person has different relationship goals and life situations—these are things that matchmakers take into consideration when helping singles embark on their journey to finding love.

4. Gives You a Higher Success Rate Than With Dating Apps

The success rate of dating apps can be up to 17%, but the typical range is from 1%–3%. Meanwhile, Tawkify has a success rate of 80 percent within a client’s first 12 matches. That’s a pretty big gap, huh?

This discrepancy in dating success could be because dating apps promote quantity over quality. When you use a dating app, you’ll see hundreds of profiles in a short amount of time, and there is no assurance that users will match with that many individuals. Swiping can turn into an addictive game. 

That’s not the case when you hire a matchmaker. Tawkify matchmakers meticulously assess prospective clients and hand-select matches based on each client’s values, personality, and preferences. Pair that with their years of expertise in helping people navigate their romantic journeys and you have a winning combination for your dating success. 

5. Offers More Quality Matches

It can be difficult to find someone that fits your personality style, likes (or puts up with) your hobbies, and values the same things in life. While no one is perfect, it’s important to partner with someone who is on the same page and shares similar relationship goals. That can be hard to do on dating apps, when the people you match with may or may not be looking for a serious relationship or have a complete profile to help you discern if moving forward is the right move.

One of the biggest benefits of a matchmaker is having someone whose job it is to find you matches that are compatible. They ask the tough questions so you don’t have to. They perform rigorous background checks and do deep dives into clients’ relationship histories. They make sure that a potential date meets your requirements (aka deal breakers) and fits your personality and preferences. And this is all done before you even meet! 

Just remember that you may favor particular compatibility factors, but genuine relationship success requires self-awareness, an open mind, and a willing heart.

6. Provides a Personalized Experience

What is dating in terms of using a matchmaker? Well, when you hire a matchmaker, you get a very personalized experience with someone there to help you as you meet matches and go on dates. 

First, Tawkify matchmakers help to foster meaningful connections between two highly compatible singles. That means facilitating matches for the right people at the right time. But just because you meet high-quality matches doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter some challenges along the way. Matchmakers understand how to dig deeper when clients are having trouble finding a suitable match. At the end of every date, both clients will meet individually with their matchmaker to discuss the results of that date. If there wasn’t chemistry or a connection, the matchmaker will then gain more insight into the client’s relationship goals to provide a better match.  

7. Boosts Confidence

If you’ve experienced dating fatigue or have just started dating again, it’s easy to feel a little awkward meeting someone for the first time. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy! 

That’s why, with every date experience through a Tawkify matchmaker, you’ll get dating feedback, guidance, and advice that helps you be open to opportunities, confident in yourself, and navigate those often awkward first-date conversations. Our matchmaking service gives you the tools that you need to have a successful dating experience.

Get Ready to Meet Your Match

Are you convinced yet of the benefits of a matchmaker? We hope so! 

Finding someone to share a life with can be challenging, but Tawkify matchmakers are trained professionals that know how to make your dating journey more enjoyable. Those who trust matchmakers with their love life have peace of mind in a world of [way too] many dating apps, less stress, guidance, and more compatible matches to form a connection with.  

Clients who hire a matchmaker can put their faith in Tawkify’s proven matching process, incredible success rates, and personalized service. Find love today.

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