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Is Matchmaking Worth It? We Asked Aditi & Bhavik (Now Engaged!)

When it comes to finding your person, matchmaking might not be the first option that comes to mind—at least it wasn’t for Bhavik and Aditi, one of the real Tawkify couples we’re highlighting in this story. For this couple, it took striking out on dating apps to find a process that worked for them. 

Want to know how they achieved matchmaking success? Learn how the pair found true love after a blind date.

From Dating Apps to Matchmaking

The first step of the matchmaking process is, well, deciding to try matchmaking. Other than seeing it portrayed in TV shows, Bhavik wasn’t familiar with the matchmaking process. However, he was familiar with the endless scrolling of dating apps. He became frustrated with meeting people who weren’t serious or who would even stop responding altogether. “It just wasn’t working the way I had hoped dating would work,” Bhavik said.

Aditi, on the other hand, was quite familiar with matchmaking. “I’m Indian, so my dad was the one matching me left, right, and center,” she said. But she, too, felt let down by her dating experiences and wanted to find something that works. 

Discovering Tawkify

Then, on two laptops many miles from each other, Bhavik and Aditi separately Googled matchmaking services to find an alternative to dating apps. “I literally Googled ‘service that works for dating,’ and, boom, there was Tawkify,” Aditi said. Both were taken with Tawkify’s personal approach to matchmaking, plus all of the positive Tawkify reviews, and signed up right away.

But just because both Bhavik and Aditi were excited to try something new doesn’t mean that they weren’t hesitant. After all, this was a different process than they were used to—and one that required a financial investment. Despite their initial hesitations, Aditi and Bhavik soon came to find out that signing up for matchmaking with Tawkify was an opportunity worth taking.

From Like to Love

A little over a week after her initial interview with a Tawkify matchmaker, Aditi was matched with Bhavik. Prior to their blind date, Aditi had so many questions running through her head: What will this person look like? How are they going to be? But her nerves quickly dissipated when she saw the guy with the cute dimples walking toward her. “The blind date turned out to be very easy because Bhavik’s personality is very comfortable. He made me feel like myself,” she said.

In reminiscing on their first date, the pair agrees that it felt like they had known each other for years—a small but powerful indicator of matchmaking success.

While Bhavik remembers making the relationship official after a “where is this going” conversation, Aditi recalls it a little differently. When Bhavik showed her a text message where he told his cleaning lady that she was his girlfriend, Aditi thought, “Oh! I guess I’m his girlfriend!”

But what might have been a comical start to a dating relationship (at least for Aditi) became a partnership bound by trust. On one of their dates, there was a situation happening nearby that made Aditi feel scared. She didn’t know what was happening, but Bhavik stayed by her side. “For him to be there through it all, protecting me, I knew I was falling in love with this person,” she said. 

As their relationship progressed, it became clear that they were meant for each other. One memory that solidified the feeling for both of them is a luxuriously long date, where they had a formal dinner, went dancing, sang karaoke, and visited friends. The date was a sneak peek into what their life could be like together on a daily basis. “We got to see the real us,” Bhavik said.

A Fairytale Proposal

From there, it didn’t take long for the couple to decide to get married. One day, Aditi met Bhavik at the restaurant where they had their blind date. She found menus printed with the same orders they had on their first date, her favorite champagne, and one of her favorite songs playing. “I felt like I was walking into a fairytale, and there was my prince charming,” she said. “I call him my sneaky Bhavik because he does things that are super sweet without telling me.” 

This surprise, magical experience became the first night of forever together. 

Sharing the Same Wavelength

Bhavik and Aditi were able to find love quickly and, most importantly, with someone who shares their values. “I never could have imagined that the journey could be so easy and that I would find my fiancee through this service,” Aditi said. Though Tawkify’s blind-date format was new to them, they had the assurance ahead of time that they had shared goals. And it became clear that they shared many similarities, too.

For example, sometimes the couple doesn’t even have to look at each other to know that they have the same feelings about something. Bhavik describes it as being on the exact same wavelength. “Our differences are so small. We can be different individuals, but yet in so many ways, we’re together as one,” Aditi said. 

Why Tawkify?

The couple credits the Tawkify way for helping them find each other and for making them another one of the many Tawkify success stories. But they note that it’s crucial for people to be honest with their matchmaker about what they’re looking for. Bhavik was impressed by his initial one-hour phone call with a Tawkify matchmaker, where they got to the root of what he wanted and looked to understand what his wants and needs were. “The more they know you, the better they are at finding the match for you,” Bhavik said. Aditi was Bhavik’s first match.

Aditi believes that people who need help in the dating world, who want somebody to hold their hand and take them to their person, should try Tawkify: “If it worked for a girl like me who was not believing in dating anymore, it can work for you, too.” 

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