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7 Benefits of Hiring a Matchmaker

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The current dating scene is a minefield where one can find themselves overwhelmed with the plethora of dating apps and websites, and having too many options can make it difficult to take that first step toward relationship success. This is one of the main reasons why so many singles consider hiring a matchmaker.

Online dating presents technology as the main solution to relationship seekers, with the added requirement of an individual’s time and effort. This method works 10 percent of the time on average if the user spends 2,352 hours at a minimum swiping and messaging. That’s 14 extra weeks of work per year to yield positive results that meet expectations.  

Hiring a matchmaker is seen as a great alternative by 11 percent of relationship seekers as it dramatically reduces the significant time and effort investments required to achieve relationship success. While this may be the most obvious benefit to entrusting your relationship search to match experts instead of algorithms, this method is also considerably more effective.

Finding someone who is truly commitment-ready, in alignment with your value-set, and well suited for your unique personality is the search of a lifetime. Matchmaking provides individualized expertise to make that search enjoyable and efficient. The following are seven reasons why other singles are compelled to outsource their search for ‘the one.’

1. Safety and Confidentiality 

People tend to feel unsafe when dating online – “57 percent of women who use modern dating apps have experienced harassment, and many male users are concerned about their personal safety.” Many users experience some kind of harassment or unwanted messages. 

Those who invest in hiring a matchmaker experience an increased sense of safety and security. They have peace of mind knowing their prospective matches have been screened and vetted by another human being. Users’ private information and photos are safeguarded and restricted to matchmakers only for the clients’ safety and privacy. Private profiles that are only visible to matchmakers make singles feel more comfortable when using this new approach to dating.

2. Stress-free Dating

The decision to start searching for a new partner to form a meaningful relationship with can be filled with stress and pressure. Many singles view dating as a chore – having to set aside time to swipe, chat and schedule dates, all while wondering if the person on the other side of the screen is truly who they claim to be. These risks can make people dread starting to date again. 

Tawkify Matchmakers make the dating journey enjoyable and effortless for singles. Those looking for a committed partner can feel at ease knowing the personal matchmaker is vetting highly compatible singles for them and only providing quality options. When clients receive a match, a fully-planned date is included as well – making the hardest part of dating easier for both parties involved.

3. Avoid Dating Fatigue

Dating requires a lot of effort and can be time-consuming, which can cause negative feelings when relationship goals aren’t achieved. Singles experience dating fatigue after going on countless dates that don’t result in relationship success, and this leaves them feeling hopeless and pessimistic about their romantic future. 

The best way to avoid dating fatigue is by ensuring one only invests their time in those who have potential as a romantic partner. Tawkify offers a variety of packages which allow individuals to choose how many matches they’d like over a certain period of time. There are also options for singles who prefer a more hands-off approach and would like to occasionally be provided with matches. Every individual has different relationship goals and life situations – these are things matchmakers take into consideration when helping singles embark on their journey to relationship success.

4. Perfect for Busy Professionals

The typical American works over 40 hours a week – this does not account for time spent commuting to and from work, working out and preparing meals. After deducting all that time for necessities, it leaves minimal time for a social life, let alone time for dating. 

Matchmakers are well aware of the importance time plays in a client’s life, thus, make it a priority to work closely with clients to deliver an unforgettable experience and satisfy all requirements without sacrificing quality.

5. Matchmakers are Experienced and Trained Professionals

Tawkify Matchmakers offer years of expertise in helping people find love, as well as thorough training and a high success rate. Matchmakers meticulously assess prospective clients, provide professional guidance before and after each date and deliver exceptional service to each client.

6. An Alternative to Dating Apps

Dating apps appear to be a convenient method to initiate dating and relationships; however, recent research indicates otherwise. A study conducted by Queen Mary University of London and the Sapienza University of Rome found that 63 percent of men and 18 percent of women message first on dating apps after matching with someone. Thus, men usually make the first move when dating online. 

Contrary to matchmaking services, dating apps promote quantity over quality. Modern dating apps show hundreds of profiles in a short amount of time, and there is no assurance that users will match with that many individuals. Singles may also find it alarming that the success rate of dating apps is low in comparison to matchmaking services.The success rate of dating apps ranges from one percent to three percent, meanwhile, Tawkify has a success rate of 80 percent after 9-12 matches.

7. Date Feedback and Guidance

Tawkify Matchmakers are experts at fostering meaningful connections between two highly compatible singles, and they understand how to dig deeper when clients are encountering challenges in finding a suitable match. At the end of each date, both clients will meet individually with their matchmaker to discuss the results of that first date. If a connection was not made, the matchmaker will then gain more insight in regards to the client’s relationship goals to provide a better match. 

Clients who have created successful connections with Tawkify are able to place faith in the platform’s matching process and matchmakers, invest in a variety of long-term plans and be open to partners who were both expected and unanticipated. Clients may favor particular compatibility factors, but genuine relationship success requires self-awareness, an open mind and a willing heart.

Relationship-Ready Rehash

Finding someone to share a life with can be challenging, but Tawkify Matchmakers are trained professionals that know how to make an individual’s dating journey more enjoyable. Those who trust Matchmakers with their love life have peace of mind in a world of online dating, less stress, guidance and more compatible matches to form a connection with.

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