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How to Tell If You’re Dating or In a Relationship

You’ve been dating for a while and the question looms in the air: are you in a committed relationship?

Being in a relationship is very different from dating. While the two ways of interacting are similar, there are certainly precise signs that differentiate the two positions.

For starters, people in relationships tend to have higher expectations of each other. They also hold deeper levels of comfort. Finally, you expect greater degrees of exclusivity and priority in a relationship.

Here’s a bit about each of these three key differences when it comes to dating or being in a relationship, in order to clear the air. Knowing your status with your significant other can help you understand each other better and lead to a deeper connection.

1. Expectations

When you’re dating, you might keep your expectations to a minimum. You may expect your partner to have a certain level of education and to share some of your interests. On other fronts it’s common to keep things casual. You might look forward to seeing the person again sometime soon if things went well. There isn’t not much beyond that, however. You don’t expect your date to drive your mom to the doctor or to be held accountable for shared financial decisions, for example.

In a relationship, expectations are extended. Relationships are built around shared expectations. These can be ingrained in daily tasks such as who does the dishes. They can also cover bigger ideas like how you’ll build a life together over the coming decade. In a relationship, you expect your partner to participate in family life in a certain way. You also might expect your partner to have a certain level of financial responsibility, and to show their affection to you in ways you both enjoy.

Discussing expectations with your partner can help nurture the relationship and grow. Having similar relationship goals when you’re dating is important. This can allow you to better meet your expectations down the road, which is a key to building a successful relationship.

2. Level of Comfort

When you first meet a new friend you might share with them your dream of going to Paris on vacation. You might not share the bloated feeling your lunch left in your stomach today, or your nerves around your coming job interview, however. Dating is the same. Often, emotions and interactions are kept on the surface to keep the exchange positive. You want to impress each other.

People in relationships co-exist with a deeper level of comfort, like longtime friends. They often drop the formalities and share more of their true feelings. Partners do this to connect and express their desire to be seen for who they are. When you’re comfortable together, you don’t mind airing your dirty laundry, and you can support your partner. Having a level of comfort you both agree on can draw you closer.

3. Exclusivity and Priority

When you’re dating, you might go out with many different people in the same week or month. Once you’re in a relationship, it’s normal to expect a certain level of exclusivity. Unless you’re in an open relationship, you expect your partner to be intimate with you only. You can also expect your significant other to place priority on your relationship. What does this mean? Meeting with you and spending time with you takes priority over time spent with others.

For each couple, this can mean something different. Some people enjoy spending time apart as well as together. They don’t mind if their partner works long hours or needs to travel frequently. For others, this could be a deciding factor in the success of their relationship. Balance is key. Being able to talk openly with your partner about how exclusive you want to be and what you prioritize in a relationship is important.

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