How to Approach Women with Confidence and Respect

Apprehensive about how to approach a woman respectfully? We offer the best tips on how to approach women in public and what to say to them.

Approaching a stranger in public can be nerve-wracking, but approaching a girl you’re interested in? Now, that can really rattle your nerves! 

Maybe you’re wondering how to approach a girl and not be creepy. Or perhaps you’re unsure of how to start a conversation with a girl you just met. Well, you’re not alone. Having these kinds of concerns is totally natural when putting yourself outside your comfort zone. In fact, even the most calm and confident guys sometimes get a little nervous approaching women in public, so we’re here to offer some guidance. 

In our guide on how to approach a woman respectfully, we provide helpful tips on navigating an introduction with a woman who has caught your eye. Whether you’re worried about what to say when approaching a girl or trying to figure out if you should go up to her in the first place, follow along for the best advice. 

Look at Her Body Language 

When figuring out how to approach a woman respectfully, it’s crucial to take note of her body language. After all, her body language can tell you a lot about her, including whether she’s open to being approached. 

For example, if she’s making eye contact and pointing her body in your direction with her arms uncrossed, she might be giving you the green light to come say hi. However, if she’s avoiding eye contact and crossing her arms across her chest, it might be best to hold off. 

If her body language seems open and welcoming at first, be sure to continue monitoring these silent cues throughout your interaction with her to help you gauge how she’s feeling about the situation. 

Don’t Approach if She’s Engaged in Something Else

When it comes to approaching women, it’s important to consider whether they want to be approached or not. For instance, if she’s engaged in a deep conversation with a friend, she might not want to be interrupted. Or if she’s crunching numbers, typing on her computer, or reading a book, your presence might be an unwelcome distraction. 

That said, if she’s looking around the room every few minutes, taking breaks to check her phone, or frequently making eye contact with you, she might be open to you approaching her. 

Don’t Sneak up on Her

Dating safety is always at the top of women’s minds, so it’s essential to ensure you’re not seen as a threat. Never approach her from behind, as this could startle her and make her feel unsafe, and avoid confronting her straight on, as this could come across as aggressive and threatening. 

Instead, approach from the side so she notices you and can prepare for your presence. If she immediately turns away from you, shakes her head “no,” or puts her hands up, respect her space and back off. 

Be Confident

If you’ve mustered up the courage to go up to her, remember, confidence is key. You’re not going to get off on the right foot if you’re slumped over, refusing to make eye contact, or fumbling over your words. 

As you’re approaching her, stand up tall, put your shoulders back, smile, make eye contact, and be sure your voice level is loud enough for her to hear. Make sure to have a pleasant demeanor and try not to mumble. Even if you’re feeling a little nervous, try your best to seem confident and sure of yourself, as this is often considered an attractive trait. 

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

You’re approaching a girl, not walking a plank, so don’t take it too seriously! Relax and have fun with the situation. In fact, being playful or a little flirty could serve you well since you’ll come across as a casual, laid-back guy. It’s ok to crack a joke or mention how nervous you are to help keep things light and make you both feel more at ease. 

Don’t Be Aggressive

A big part of learning how to start a conversation with a girl in public involves understanding how your behavior can come across as threatening, aggressive, or overbearing. For example, if you corner her with no way out, raise your voice, or get upset when she doesn’t engage, you’ll make her uncomfortable and fail at your attempt to get to know her. 

To avoid coming across too strongly, mind your manners and remember that a smile and a friendly demeanor can go a long way when you’re looking to make a good impression

Think of Something to Say in Advance 

Now, if you’re wondering what to say when approaching a girl, it’s best to think about this before you’re standing a foot away from her. Sure, you can start by saying hello or introducing yourself, but you’ll probably want to be armed with more to say beyond that. 

Consider using the situation or environment for inspiration. For instance, if you’re both at a coffee shop, maybe you can ask whether she recommends ordering a cafe latte or cappuccino. Or if she’s wearing a baseball jersey, maybe you can strike up a conversation about the team or yesterday’s score.

You don’t have to memorize a whole speech, but brainstorming a few conversation starters certainly can help get the conversation flowing.

Keep the Conversation Going

Once you’ve broken the ice, keep the conversation going! Ask her open-ended questions about herself to encourage her to open up, and avoid talking about yourself too much or commandeering the conversation. It’s also important to remember your communication skills, such as active listening and allowing her to speak without interruptions. 

If she seems genuinely interested in continuing a conversation with you, see if she’d like to sit at your table with you, order another drink together, or even exchange numbers. 

Pick up on Social Cues

Once you’ve figured out how to start a conversation with a girl, it’s crucial to be mindful of her social cues. Just like monitoring her body language before you approach her, it’s important to look for other non-verbal cues during your interaction. 

If she’s leaning toward you, smiling, and maintaining eye contact with you while engaging in the conversation, then she’s likely open to continuing speaking with you. However, if she’s turning away from you, creating more space between the two of you, frowning, looking down at her phone, and not contributing to the conversation, then there’s a good chance she’s looking for a way out. 

If you pick up on social cues that suggest she’s not having a good time, respect her and kindly let her be. 

Try Again Another Time

Even when you expertly follow all our advice, rejection is always a possibility. Maybe the gal’s not interested, or maybe she’s already in a relationship. Whatever the reason, don’t act out if the situation doesn’t go your way. Keep your cool, maintain your composure, and continue to be kind and respectful as you remove yourself from the conversation. 

Just because this time wasn’t a success doesn’t mean the next time won’t be either. Reflect on the way you approached her and think about if there’s anything you could do differently next time. Practice makes perfect, so continue to put yourself out there and don’t get discouraged! 

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