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Marisha Dixon
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    Today’s Tawk To Me is all about inner change for outer change — and it comes in two parts. First up, Marisha Dixon interviews Corinne Dobbas, fellow Tawkify Matchmaker, registered Dietitian, Wellness Coach and yoga instructor on how to ditch the diet. Secondly, enjoy Marisha’s chat with Katie ‘Cakes’ Wildhagen, Founder of The Bakeshop, and believer in lifting the booty to lift the soul (hehe). 

    From surviving cardiac arrest to Cake Specialist (that’s code for booty building expert), Katie explains tools you can use to feel confident about yourself, how to overcome insecurities to find the love and opportunities that are meant for you, and of course why movement (fitness) matters!

    A note from Marisha on her upcoming Webinar:

    It’s time to proclaim it: I’M NOT THAT KIND OF LADY! The type of woman to suffer with anxiety over the thought of what to do before a date….deciding what style is appropriate or too off putting…and of course, what questions to ask to get to know this other person better.

    There won’t be a need to call up your single girlfriends who also fumble on these topics anymore…mark your calendar and chat with the pros! Get ready for the LIVE webinar: Damsel In Discernment: What To Think, Wear & Say on a First Date.

    Change how you’re showing up in the dating landscape to improve your experience and your results!

    Presenters: Mindset Mentor to Women Execs, Kristi Shanks….your favorite athlete’s favorite Personal Shopper & Wardrobe Stylist, Nicole Morris…Matchmaker & RelationSHIFT™ Coach, Ms. Marisha.

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