Mind Your Mindset: Stop Stressing Out In Love & Life

Marisha DixonMarisha Dixon
Marisha Dixon
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    I have recently been covering the topic of mental health on Tawk To Me. So far, I’ve connected with a survivor, a clinical psychologist and most recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing “Luxury Coach” Keren Eldad regarding the truth about stress (which we know impacts our mental health). In this interview, Keren shares:

    • Where stress really comes from and what you can do about it.
    • How to overcome the TOP 2 CHALLENGES to your mindset about dating.
    • A practical tool you can use to eliminate stress.

    In addition to the interview, check out Keren’s Date With Enthusiasm audio guide. Listen to that here. Also enjoy her free downloadable worksheet to accompany those teachings. Read more from Keren on recent Heartalytics article, The Paradox of Choice: How Dating Apps Trip Us Up

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