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Tawkify Guide: First Date Etiquette

Wondering what's appropriate first date etiquette? This guide covers everything so you can make a great first impression.

The first date is a crucial stage. It sets the tone for future dates and relationships. If the date goes well, then there is a high chance of moving into something more serious. Knowing how to conduct oneself on a first date is no longer optional, and displaying proper etiquette is an absolute necessity.

The importance of demonstrating good etiquette on first dates cannot be understated. A first date is like a sizing contest. It’s the first-time prospective partners are meeting one another and want to make a good first impression. This nifty little Tawkify guide on first date etiquette will sift through some major do’s and don’ts for making a good first impression.

Dress for the occasion

Put in the effort to dress properly to look your best. Nothing kills attraction quicker for someone than to see their prospective partners showing up as if going out to grab some groceries. It sends out the idea that a prospective partner doesn’t see the first date as important enough. People want to feel special — especially on first dates. Taking the time out to dress properly is the jumping-off point to making a good first impression.

Be on time

Always reach the venue ideally with a few minutes to spare. When someone sees their prospective partner arriving on time or already waiting, it makes that person feel valued. If it isn’t possible to avoid being late owing to traffic or work, always let the other person know. It might also be a good idea to overestimate the time of arrival (e.g., 15 minutes instead of 10), to surprise the prospective partner with an early arrival. This is a psychological trick that works well to undo the negative impression from being late.

Ignore those pesky notifications

First dates are not the time to flaunt how popular someone is on social media. Nobody likes to see the person they are on a date with reaching for a phone and replying to every message that comes in. It’s okay to glance at the phone to see what the notification is about and then ignore it but being glued to a phone is a surefire way for someone to kill any chance of turning the first date into a relationship.

Listen more, talk less

For someone to have a meaningful conversation on first dates, it’s important to ask the right questions. And asking the right questions will only be possible when one listens more. One must also be attentive to the other person’s body language and be able to pick up on cues such as facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, and so on. This helps with identifying and understanding what the other person is really trying to say.

First dates are not therapy sessions

There is a time and place to unpack emotional baggage, but a first date isn’t it. Bringing up personal issues might make the prospective partner uncomfortable, and most people don’t realize how damaging this can be to the possibility of future dates. First dates are about having fun while forming a positive initial impression on the other person, so talking about personal problems should be kept at bay.

Be mindful of the topics of conversation

There are two subjects that have no business being in conversation on a first date: politics, and past relationships. People get turned off when someone tries to turn a first date into a political debate or an ‘ex’-bashing contest. Keep the conversation flowing by focusing on the other person and keep the things fun and sprightly.

Be polite and courteous

Perhaps the simplest and the easiest way to create a good first impression is to be polite and courteous when talking to others such as waiters, servers, and valets. People are constantly judging others and forming opinions. If someone appears rude and insensitive on first dates, it might tick the prospective partners off in the wrong way, and then it might be hard to get future dates.

Do not be pushy

One of the most important first date etiquette is to respect the other person’s boundaries — not only physical, but also emotional. A boundary is an established line that delineates a person’s individual space, and it’s critical to respect them because they are what makes a person feel safe and secure — a building block for any healthy relationship.

The same applies for sensitive subjects. If a date is hesitant to talk about something and wants to change the subject, it might be a good idea to do it without questions or any reservations. Respecting emotional and physical boundaries goes a long way in determining the future of relationships, and this includes first dates too.

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