Inside Tawkify: An Exclusive Interview on Modern Matchmaking

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    Tired of swiping, endless messaging, and dating fatigue? Learn from the Tawkify CEO how matchmaking services can bring you relationship success.

    If you’re tired of swiping, endless messaging, and the fatigue and frustration that can come with dating apps, it’s time to learn about the best matchmaking service in the biz. And who better to listen to than Tawkify CEO Kellie Ammerman?

    Kellie Ammerman was recently interviewed by Matt Seymour from Healthy Framework, a website that focuses on dating advice that’s grounded in data and insights. In the interview, Ammerman delves into why Tawkify is the best alternative to online dating and what sets it apart from other matchmaking services.

    But first, a little background.

    Tawkify is a modern take on the not-so-new concept of matchmaking. While people still have a dedicated matchmaker who intimately understands their wants, needs, and preferences, the key difference between Tawkify and other matchmaking services is the blind dating aspect. This feature of Tawkify matchmaking emphasizes authentic connections. It goes beyond physical appearance and reading through profiles, instead creating meaningful bonds through shared interests, goals, values, and chemistry—something that can often only be felt by meeting someone face to face.

    Tawkify’s unique approach also includes matchmakers who are with you every step of the way, from conducting in-depth one-on-ones to learn about your preferences to planning dates. Yes, you read that right! Tawkify matchmakers plan dates from beginning to end, taking the pressure off of brainstorming the perfect place to meet so both people can focus on preparing for their intentional dating experience. 

    After each date, our matchmakers follow up with you, asking for feedback about the date. What went well? What didn’t? Did this match meet your expectations? Every post-date follow-up helps the matchmaker refine the criteria to continue to provide matches that are aligned with what you’re looking for. That’s what the Tawkify matchmaking service is: a service tailored to each individual looking for meaningful connections and a person they can see spending their life with.

    Here are just a few more of the Tawkify matchmaking perks:

    • A network of more than 1 million singles across the country (the largest of any matchmaking service!)
    • Hand-selected matches, meaning that every person you meet has been specifically chosen for you based on compatibility, preferences, values, and more
    • An 80% success rate for matched couples within their first 12 matches
    • Privacy and confidentiality are key, plus every match is screened and background checked
    • Access to certified relationship coaching and special events 
    • More than 200,000 successful connections (we have the success stories to prove it)

    Now that we’ve piqued your interest, here’s a little sneak peak of the Healthy Framework interview with the Tawkify CEO. 

    Healthy Framework: How would you describe the ideal customer that Tawkify is designed for?

    Kellie Ammerman: So we are designed to cater a wide spectrum of individuals, but the ideal customer does often exhibit certain characteristics. They’re often individuals who are genuinely invested in seeking a meaningful, authentic connection. So they’re very intentional about their dating life, and they are individuals who, while perhaps are successful and busy, are also willing to be open, vulnerable, and trusting of their romantic journey to the experts, respecting the professional advice and matches that are provided by their matchmakers.

    Healthy Framework: Are there any misconceptions about matchmakers that you’d like people to better understand?

    Kellie Ammerman: There are a few prevalent misconceptions about matchmakers that could be demystified. One is that there’s a notion that matchmaking services are only for people who are desperate or who don’t have any options, which is so far from the truth. Our customers include a diverse array of proactive, hopeful, educated, and successful individuals who are just genuinely seeking meaningful connections. There’s another misconception that matchmakers might force their own views on the clients. But they actually practice listening and amplifying the client’s voices, preferences, and guiding them towards connections that are going to be authentic and meaningful to them.

    Healthy Framework: Have you ever struggled to find an ideal match for a client? And if so, is there a process for when this happens?

    Kellie Ammerman: Absolutely. I think that there are a number of situations where a challenge can be presented. And when this occurs, our team does a meticulous reassessment of the client’s preferences, their requirements, and makes sure that there’s the comprehensive understanding of what exactly the client is looking for, their needs, and their expectations. And sometimes this might include broadening the search beyond what their initial criteria was, but of course, with their permission, and sometimes that means leveraging the feedback from the previous matches to identify certain patterns that are coming up that are preventing it to be a bit more successful. So it’s ultimately this refinement of our strategy to then improve the matching.

    Healthy Framework: Do you have a favorite success story that you’d like to share?

    Kellie Ammerman: Every success story is a favorite success story, but one that comes to mind is recently I had posted something online that received a response of someone just sharing information that they had a friend who had used Tawkify that they went to high school with. And this person had grown up in Ukraine, now they lived in Chicago, and they were getting married in the winter. And so I asked if I could share it online, and I did. And then the person that they were marrying happened to see the post, responded, and said, “Hey, I’m the girl that’s getting married.” And so it was fun to see that come together on the internet.

    Check out the full interview to get more insights into the trusted matchmaking service for relationship success.

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