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How Matchmaking Can Lead to Relationship Success – A Love Story

In the search for a lifelong partner, it can be difficult to break through the noise of countless dating apps and their claims about finding your forever person. If you haven’t had luck with apps, it’s time to try matchmaking services. But don’t just take our word for it: we’re sharing a story from one of our real Tawkify couples.

Learn how Brent and Steven experienced matchmaking relationship success.

The Choice for Matchmaking Services

The couple’s paths to choosing Tawkify were a little different.

Brent had used several other matchmaking services prior to Tawkify but wasn’t getting the results that he wanted. One day he was sharing his frustrations with a friend, and they suggested that he try Tawkify. Brent researched the company and understood what he was missing from other matchmaking services. He liked the sound of matchmaker-planned dates and the two different approaches, passive and direct, that were offered. To Brent, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Steven, on the other hand, had never tried matchmaking before. In fact, for him, the word matchmaking conjured scenes from Fiddler on the Roof or Mulan. Despite his hesitations, Steven knew that he needed to try something different. Dating apps weren’t bringing value to his life, and he felt like he kept matching with the same people across every app. 

What drove Steven’s decision to try an alternative to dating apps? He saw a Tawkify ad campaign on social media that said “Date like a CEO,” which resonated with him as an ambitious business executive. “I was ready to move from unintentional dating to intentional dating,” Steven said.

And so began one of the Tawkify success stories to remember.

Saving the Best for Last on the Tawkify Journey

According to Steven and Brent, their matchmaking relationship success was due in part to their matchmakers. Steven signed up for the customized package with a select number of matches, while Brent chose the passive option. Despite the differences in their matchmaking approaches, their Tawkify review was only positive. 

Brent credits his Tawkify matchmaker with helping him along in his dating journey by discussing his wants, needs, and deal-breakers as well as what was important to him in a relationship. Steven felt the same way. After his initial consultation, his dedicated matchmaker began sending him potential matches. “With each match, I was able to learn more about what I wanted and could communicate that to my matchmaker,” he said. “They took the time to understand me from the heart.”

What they both remember standing out about their Tawkify experiences was the accountability factor. In Steven’s past dating experience, he found that he “would typically settle and overlook a boundary or deal-breaker. But with Tawkify, there was accountability.” 

Steven was Brent’s first date on Tawkify, and Brent was Steven’s last date in his pre-purchased package. “They saved the best for last,” Steven said.

From Strangers to Love Interests in Minutes

With Tawkify’s blind-dating method, there are sure to be feelings of nervousness before each date, but for Steven, this wasn’t the case. Even though he didn’t see a picture of Brent initially, he felt like it was a blind date that a friend set them up on—a friend who knew them well. Brent wasn’t nervous either, but from the matchmaker’s fantastic description of the person he would be meeting, he wondered if Steven would be out of his league. “Come to find out that he’s a wonderful, down-to-earth human being,” Brent said.

Their planned date was dinner at one of the restaurants at the Beverly Hilton. In the entry of the restaurant, Steven saw a dapper man wearing a classy pink shirt and an overcoat. Lucky for him, this person was his date.

After the two ordered appetizers and a glass of wine, the rest of the evening fell into place seamlessly. “As soon as we sat down, we had instant chemistry,” Brent said. They talked about everything, with conversational tangents and sidebars that kept leading to new topics. They discovered that they’re both passionate about music and Disney—and much more.

Steven and Brent went from strangers in a restaurant foyer to love interests in just minutes, a beautiful beginning to their matchmaking relationship success.

How Shared Values Built a Deeper Connection

Though neither can pinpoint an exact moment when they made the relationship official, Steven does remember that from the moment they met, Brent was someone he wanted to get to know and build a relationship with. Brent recalls a time, a couple of months into seeing each other, when they discussed passions, deal-breakers, and values. “That conversation really solidified that we were the right people for each other,” he said.

The couple’s journey to love was built on common relationship values, shared interests, and complementary personality traits. From their very first date, their shared passion for music and all things Disney became a throughline for how they’d spend their time together in the future. Steven plays the piano, and Brent sings—the perfect pairing for nights sitting around the piano.

But their relationship goes much deeper. Steven and Brent both value family, authenticity, and intentionality. Additionally, their love languages truly complement each other. Brent expresses his love language of giving through cooking delicious meals for Steven, and Steven enjoys quality time (his love language) by sharing simple, everyday moments with Brent. “Tawkify helped us hone in on our values,” Brent said.

The Refreshing Tawkify Experience

Through their separate matchmaking experiences, Brent and Steven both appreciated several things about Tawkify. 

First, they liked how inclusive the entire process was. “Being part of the LGBT community, I didn’t feel like I was being excluded or judged,” Steven said. “I felt at home and super comfortable every step of the way.” Steven’s matchmaker was also part of the LGBT community, which added an extra level of comfort and understanding to his (and Brent’s) Tawkify journey. It’s this type of inclusivity with LGBT matchmaking that set Tawkify apart.

Another feature that stood out was Tawkify’s focus on creating meaningful connections. After dating on apps for a while, Steven found that there was a focus on physicality rather than any other type of connection. He found the blind-date format of the Tawkify way refreshing. “It was all about being authentic and finding a partner who would share in that authenticity,” Steven said.

In addition to their own Tawkify reviews, what advice do Brent and Steven have for people considering matchmaking services? The investment is worth it. While the cost might deter some, they believe that people should invest in a relationship and the things that have long-term, meaningful value. 

We couldn’t agree more.

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