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Love at First Hike: A Tawkify Success Story

If you’re on the fence about matchmaking, don’t hop off just yet. While doing your research and seeking out Tawkify reviews are important steps in the decision-making process, it’s also helpful to hear from real Tawkify couples. 

Manley and Caitlin met through our matchmaking service, and, here, they provide a glimpse into what makes their story so special. Find out how their Tawkify success story came true.

A Perfect Match

Caitlin and Manley’s love story started before they even met. Behind the scenes, their matchmaker was reading through profiles to help set each of them up on a successful first date. Thankfully, they were matched with each other. 

Caitlin and Manley weren’t sure about matchmaking at first, thinking that it was too traditional and outdated. But they both soon realized that how Tawkify works, including its intentionality, set it apart from dating apps and other online dating sites. Manley appreciated that his matchmaker researched and provided all the details about the other person before he invested too much time getting to know someone who perhaps didn’t share his values. “Having someone on both of our sides to help work through those details in advance was fundamental to us being able to accelerate our relationship,” Manley said. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, Caitlin and Manley needed to meet.

A Celebratory First Date

A quiet restaurant or bar serves as the setting for many first dates—but not for Caitlin and Manley. Unbeknownst to them and their matchmaker, the restaurant they were meeting at was smack dab in the middle of the town’s Mardi Gras parade.

To reach their meeting spot, Caitlin dodged the parade line to cross the street and worked her way through tons of people to get to the line at the bar. Amid the crowd of festive costumes, Caitlin spotted someone wearing a baseball cap, khakis, and hiking boots and knew that this outdoorsy guy was her date. “Thank goodness she’s into the outdoors so my outfit didn’t seem out of place,” Manley said.

They found a quiet place to sit down, have a drink, and chat. While it might not have been love at first sight, the pair already knew from their individual profiles that they had shared values and interests, which made the decision to continue getting to know each other an easy one.

Their Tawkify success story was off to a great start.

A Test of Love

Once they both decided to pursue a second date, Manley began planning it at one of his favorite hiking spots, in an area called Green River. He knew Caitlin was outdoorsy, but he planned this hike as a test to see if they did indeed enjoy the same things. 

Caitlin, her dog, and Manley hiked down to the river, and, once there, Caitlin’s dog went to take a drink of water and fell into the rushing river. Without a moment of hesitation, Caitlin dove straight in with all her hiking gear on and pulled her dog out of the water and to safety. 

What started as a serious and frightening situation turned into an opportunity for the couple to get to know each other, as Caitlin needed time to dry out all her clothes before hiking back. “I was overjoyed to share one of my favorite places with her—wet shoes and all,” Manley said. 

It seems like Caitlin passed his test.

The Choice for Each Other

After a few successful first dates, Manley and Caitlin made their relationship official. “We knew what we were looking for in a long-term partner, so when we found it, it was easy to make the decision,” Caitlin said.

As their relationship progressed, they both experienced some difficult moments, as many real Tawkify couples do. Hardships can change a relationship either for the worse or for the better. For Caitlin and Manley, this challenging season marked a positive shift in their partnership. They realized that they could learn from what they were going through to build a more stable future. Instead of moving along aimlessly, they were moving toward something beautiful together. In her Tawkify testimonial, Caitlin remembers that “falling in love for us was an active choice.”

An Engagement to Remember

From their first date to falling in love, Caitlin and Manley shared their passion for outdoor activities with each other. Their engagement was no exception—though, it wasn’t what either was expecting.

Manley planned a romantic evening at a restaurant with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and planned to propose to Caitlin at an outdoor viewpoint at sunset. But the evening was rainy and cloudy, so there was no view at dinner. Despite the weather, Manley decided to forge ahead with his proposal plan at the viewpoint, but when they got there, it was still raining and had become dark. Despite their raincoats getting soaked, Caitlin watched Manley get down on one knee and said an enthusiastic yes before he was even done talking. 

For this couple, a little weather didn’t stop them from celebrating their love story and taking the next step in their relationship.

Why They Chose Tawkify

Caitlin and Manley credit their refreshing matchmaking experience for helping them find each other and creating their Tawkify success story. 

For Caitlin, the difference between matchmaking vs. dating apps was huge. She had used dating apps on and off for years and found that most dates went nowhere. With Tawkify, her matchmaker did the research for her, eliminating the time it took to scroll through profiles and message various people. “Being able to trust the process took a lot of pressure off of me,” Caitlin said.

Manley admits that he was hesitant about the cost of the matchmaking service. He didn’t know anyone who had tried Tawkify before and wasn’t aware of the Tawkify success stories. Manley soon found out that the cost was worth it. He appreciated how intentional the matchmaking process was—that it was a place to meet someone that he could connect with and who wanted the same things out of life that he did.

Though Caitlin was matched with Manley early on (he was her third date of a 12-date package), she still believes that it’s important for people to give the process enough time to work. She knew what (and who) she wanted, so it didn’t take long to realize that Manley was her forever person. “Caitlin is determined to make what she wants happen—and I’m glad that includes me,” Manley said. 

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