23 Fun & Simple Weeknight Date Ideas (2024)

Feeling stumped when it comes to weeknight date ideas? We have you covered! Take a look at our list of simple date ideas you can enjoy any weeknight.

As much fun as weekend dates are, meeting up on a Friday or Saturday night isn’t always possible. Maybe you work late, your schedules don’t line up, or you want to see each other more than just once or twice a week. Whatever the case, we recommend always having some weeknight date ideas up your sleeve so you’re ready whenever the occasion arises. 

Need some inspiration? Check out our list of 23 simple date ideas you can enjoy any evening, no matter if it’s a Monday or a Thursday. And if it’s a first date, these ideas will help you make a good first impression

1. Make a Romantic Dinner for Two

Forget the fancy restaurant (and hefty bill) and transform your own dining room into a five-star restaurant. Put on some romantic music, light some candles, grab the fine china, and spend the evening cooking a delicious meal for two.

2. Join an Art Class

The strongest and happiest couples tend to be those who grow and learn together, so for this weeknight date idea, take an art class together! From learning how to throw pottery to discovering how to watercolor, there are so many opportunities for you to tap into your creative sides and discover something new as a couple. 

3. Host a Game Night

You only need a collection of your favorite board games for this simple date idea at home. You and your date will love engaging in some friendly competition as you battle it out, challenging each other to Trivial Pursuit, Scramble, and maybe even some Battleship—may the best player win!

4. Make Fancy Cocktails

Another fun weekday night idea involves becoming mixologists for the evening. Gather some cocktail recipes, make sure your bar cart is stocked, and have fun learning to concoct your favorite craft cocktails, from whiskey sours to dirty martinis. Just remember it’s a weeknight, so cap it off early so you don’t get too tipsy! 

5. Create a Two-Person Book Club

If you both enjoy reading, why not start your own VIP book club? Decide on a book together and then agree to read up to a certain chapter before each date so you can chat all evening about  your favorite (and least favorite!) parts together. 

6. Go Wine (or Beer) Tasting at Home

Sure, you could go to a crowded bar and order a flight of wine or beer for tasting, or you could do it at home in private. For this fun weeknight date idea, go in on a selection of beer or wines together, and then line them up one by one so you can sample them each. Of course, you’re permitted to be as snobby as you want as you pretend to be expert sommeliers or beer connoisseurs. 

7. Unplug for the Evening

When was the last time you both gave each other your undivided attention? If it’s been a while, we suggest unplugging for this weeknight date. Yes, that means taking out your earbuds, muting your cell phones, taking off your smartwatches, and keeping the TV off so that you can enjoy an evening 100% tuned into each other with no distractions. 

8. Volunteer

Looking for a fun weeknight date idea? Check out the local volunteering opportunities in your community. For example, maybe you two could help serve dinner at the senior center, take the dogs for their evening walk at the animal shelter, or tutor kids in an afternoon school program. Giving back to your community together can help you bond as a couple.

9. Plan a Movie Night

Movie nights at home are simple date ideas, but they’re a whole lot of fun! To make it the ultimate success, be sure to have popcorn and candy on hand and plenty of blankets for getting cozy. And if you have time, make it a double feature, so you both have a chance to pick a movie. 

10. Map out Your Next Vacation

If it’s been months since your last vacation together, it might be time to plan your next romantic getaway for two. Spend your date night planning your next trip, deciding on the destination or booking your flights. Once you sort out all the logistics, be sure to mark your calendars so you and your special person can both start counting down the days together. 

11. Pull out the Art Supplies 

Whether your idea of art involves sprinkling glitter onto a piece of paper or making exquisite pottery, give it a go with your date! You might be surprised at how much you both enjoy getting crafty together. You could paint portraits of each other, draw pictures of your cat, or make abstract art with clay.

12. Write Each Other Love Letters

It’s ok to get sappy sometimes. In fact, it’s good to get sappy sometimes! We recommend sitting down and writing each other love letters for this simple date idea. It doesn’t matter if that means writing a silly limerick or a heartfelt essay as long as it’s meaningful and thoughtful. At the end of the date and swap them or read them aloud. 

13. Go Down Memory Lane 

No matter if you’ve been married for ten years or dating for ten months, it’s always fun to look back on the early days of your relationship. So, for this simple date idea, we suggest pulling out all your photos, videos, and mementos from your dating journey. This is a great way to connect and see how much you’ve grown as a couple. 

14. Make Dinner Reservations at Your First-Date Spot

Speaking of memory lane, if you want a romantic weeknight dinner idea, make reservations at the restaurant where you went on your first date, and if you can, try to sit in the same exact spot! You and your honey will love reminiscing on your love life while dining on some familiar cuisine. 

15. Have a Bake Off

If you two are fans of “The Great British Bake Off” series, then put on your aprons and show off your own skills in the kitchen. For this fun and flirty weeknight date idea, you and your sweetheart will have to battle it out to see who can bake the tastiest baked goods of all—just make sure all that sugar doesn’t go straight to your head!  

16. Go for a Sunset Picnic

Is there anything sweeter than a sunset picnic? We think not! This simple date night idea, which is also a solid first-date idea, involves packing a picnic, grabbing a blanket, and finding a swatch of land with a front-row view of the sunset, like your favorite park, lake, or beach. 

17. Have a Spa Night

After a long day at the office, chances are, you two might not feel like doing much. In this case, turn your weekday day night into spa night. Slip into fuzzy robes, turn on some soothing music, put on your aromatherapy diffuser, and take turns putting face masks on each other. You’ll both be saying “ahhh” in unison as you rest and rejuvenate together. 

18. Plant a Garden

If spring has sprung, then it’s time to start gardening! Whether you’re planting a vegetable garden or tending to your rose bushes, this peaceful activity invites you and your partner to dig in the dirt, get your hands dirty, and connect with nature. 

19. Try out a New Restaurant

When it comes to weeknight dinner ideas, why not check out that new eatery you’ve been meaning to try? If you’re lucky, this place might just become your new go-to date spot. Get reservations early, and you won’t have to worry about staying out too late on a weeknight!

20. Join a New Workout Class

Break a sweat together on your next weeknight date. But instead of sticking to your usual workout routine, why not try something new for a change? Try a CrossFit class, go to a rock climbing gym, or take a boxing class together. You and your partner will have a blast burning calories and getting in shape together.

21. Take Your Dog for a Walk 

Fido hates it when you leave him during date night, but we have a feeling he’ll be on board for this weeknight date idea! Grab his leash and invite him along on your date, as the three of you walk through the neighborhood, hit the trails, or check out the dog park. This is a great way to get fresh air, enjoy some quality time with your date, and have fun with your pup—and all that cuteness is almost sure to score you a second date.

22. Check out Your Local Community Calendar 

For something different, see if any weeknight events are happening in town. For instance, maybe your local coffee shop is hosting an open mic night, or the venue down the street turns into a comedy club every Tuesday evening. From karaoke to poetry sessions, these all make excellent weeknight date ideas. 

23. Enjoy Dinner and a Movie

Is that new flick in theaters now? Or is your local theater playing a cult classic? Check the weekday evening shows and plan to grab dinner together before catching one together. Trust us, dinner and movie dates will never go out of style.

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