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11 Good Opening Lines for Texting a Girl

Kathleen CramptonKathleen Crampton
Kathleen Crampton
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Make a great first impression with these good opening lines for texting a girl. Ranging from humorous to straight to the point, these conversation starters are sure to pique her interest.

If you’ve ever been unsure of how to start texting a potential love interest, this article is for you. Rather than composing, then deleting, then composing countless versions of the same message—all in hopes of making a strong first impression—take a look at our list of good opening lines for texting a girl so that you can get to a meaningful conversation in no time.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl via Text

Leave the groan-worthy pick-up lines at the door. Here are 11 ways to get a text convo going with a girl that will pique her interest.  

I noticed from your photos that you [went to location/tried activity]. I’ve [gone there/done that], too! How was your experience? 

One of the best starting points for good opening lines for a girl is identifying shared interests or experiences. But don’t leave it at that—ask her about what she likes (or liked) about it and why. This lets you get to know her while also prompting back and forth about your individual experiences. 

Would you like to meet for a coffee? 

Think of this one less as a conversation starter and more of getting straight to the point. If you’re not much of a texter, this opening line is for you. Rather than starting with flirty banter, you can simply ask if she’d like to meet for coffee (or any other casual meetup). The woman on the other end of the phone might respond with either wanting to text a bit more first, or she might appreciate your dating confidence and say yes immediately.

Just want to say hi and see how your day is going?

For a nice, low-key way to start a conversation, try the good ol’ “how is your day?” Though some people might think this question is too simple or broad, it tiptoes into the texting world without being overwhelming. For example, the other person can respond with as much or as little detail as they’re comfortable with, taking the pressure off of needing to have a full-blown conversation. However they respond, this gives you an opportunity to follow up with “I’d love to hear more about [topic] in person. Want to meet up?”

Hey, this is [name] from the bar. I hope we can meet again. What does this week look like for you? 

Meeting and getting a girl’s number in person means following up soon after—and this is a great way to do it. Many people might just leave it as “This is so-and-so from last night,” but that’s not specific or intentional. Make a good first impression by clearly stating who you are, that you’d like to meet again, and that you’re ready to pick a date.

I looked up what we were talking about earlier, and you’d never guess, but … !

Maybe you started chatting with someone in person, then got her number and want to use good opening lines for texting a girl. Continuing an in-person conversation is a great way to smooth the transition to texting. It plops both of you right into a convo! 

Hi, [name]. It’s nice to meet you! [insert meme]

Sending a “nice to meet you” text is totally fine, but level yours up by capitalizing on the other person’s interests. For example, if you see on her profile that her favorite show is Friends, add a funny Friends meme to make her laugh. 

Very important question: coffee or cocktails?

This is a cute way of preparing to ask someone out. Whether they know it or not, their answer dictates which spot you suggest: a cafe or a bar. Just fill in the either/or with a drink, food, or activity that you prefer, and you’re on your way to a date IRL. (Don’t know what IRL means? Stay up to date on all the dating acronyms.)

Look who’s excited to meet you! [insert photo of excited pet]

Want to know how to start a conversation with a girl in an adorable and humorous way? Send this text with a photo of your pet looking particularly happy. It not only gives her a glimpse into your best pal (with paws) but also gives her a good laugh.

I’m planning on doing [activity] this weekend. Do you want to join me?

This is a more casual take on asking someone out on a first date because it’s involving them in weekend or after-work plans that you already had. If they’re interested in the activity, it’s an easy yes. But even if they’re not, it’s an invitation for them to suggest a different date. Just be sure to use these first-date conversation starters when you do meet.

[insert interest] is the worst. 😜

Combine a little sarcasm with an interest from her profile. This slight dig at something she has listed can be a slightly flirty, humorous way to start a conversation. You capture her interest, make her chuckle, and pave the way for an interesting texting convo. Plus, if she replies in kind with a funny retort, that could be a sign of chemistry.

Just remember that if you do take the sarcasm route, use an emoji to ensure that she knows you’re joking and not being rude. Learn more texting do’s and don’ts.

I love your passion for [interest, activity, etc.]. 

Many people’s go-to opening lines include complimenting physical traits. But oftentimes this only invites a one-word reply (“thanks”). Complimenting other aspects can be a better starting-off point for conversation. Whether you’ve only seen her profile or have met her in person, take note of interests, hobbies, or even her career and incorporate them into your first text.

While these are all good opening lines for texting a girl, some of them might not fit your personal style. That’s okay! Instead of forcing flirting or humorous lines, just be your authentic self. That’s the best way to find your person.

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