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10 Spooky Yet Romantic Date Ideas for Halloween

October is the perfect time to go on some Halloween-themed dates! Check out our list for some spooky date ideas to get into the spirit of things.

Fall is upon us, and this season offers the perfect time to go on some autumn-inspired and Halloween-themed dates. And if you’re interested in some spooky date ideas, then you’re in luck! No matter where you live, you’re sure to find some spooky and eerie attractions that will give you and your date a fright, from real ghost tours to theatrical events. 

Whether you’re looking to surprise your long-term partner with a fun night out on the town or feeling inspired by cuffing season, our list of Halloween-centric date ideas are sure to fit the bill. 

1. Brave a Haunted House

If you’re going for a Halloween-themed date, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to a local haunted house! During October, countless cities host haunted houses, where you’re invited to brave spooky passageways filled with mad scientists, ghostly figures, supernatural creatures, and the undead. This date spot is sure to get your blood pumping as you and your date get up the courage to venture into rooms transformed to look like creepy prison cells, science labs gone wrong, insane circuses, and witches’ lairs. 

2. Book a Stay at a Haunted Hotel 

If you and your partner are all about the paranormal, then why not book a stay at a haunted hotel in October? There are tons of hotels around the country that come with spooky legends and ghost tales that will send chills up your spine. Some hotels may even have special rooms you can reserve that are known for their eerie apparitions or unexplainable sounds that only come out at night. 

This should go without saying, but this spooky date idea is best reserved for couples that are already committed and established. After all, going for scary vibes doesn’t mean scaring off your date with an overnight stay as your first outing!

3. Join a Ghost Tour

If you’d prefer a spooky date idea that doesn’t involve sleeping in the same room as suspected paranormal activity, then perhaps a ghost tour is better suited for you and your date. While it’ll depend on where you live, you may find the local historical society offers ghost tours of historic areas, famous homes, and even graveyards in town. In addition to hearing about (and maybe even seeing!) some ghostly encounters, you and your date just might learn a little more about your town’s local history. 

4. Host a Costume Party 

What better way to celebrate the spooky season than by co hosting a costume party? First, decide where and when you want to host it, and then begin building your guest list together—this Halloween-themed date idea is especially great if you’re looking to introduce your friend groups, as it offers the perfect excuse to get everyone in the same place. Next, plan your scary costumes, deck out the place in cobwebs and spiders, and stock up on plenty of candy and on-theme beverages, like witches’ brew and boo-zy cocktails!

5. Explore a Haunted Trail

If your idea of a romantic date involves getting chased by a chainsaw-wielding maniac, then a visit to a haunted trail (or haunted forest) might be just in store for you. For this freaky, adventurous date idea, you and your partner will have to brave the spine-chilling thrills of a haunted trail, where creatures, ghosts, goblins, and clowns lurk around every corner. As you wind through the dark path at night, you’ll encounter the very scenes of your nightmares! Are you and your date up for the challenge? 

6. Go Trick or Treating Together

Sadly, you’re probably both a little past the prime trick-or-treating age, but that doesn’t mean the two of you can’t accompany a relative or family friend! Do you have younger nieces, nephews, cousins, siblings, or neighbors who might need trick-or-treating chaperones? If so, you and your date might be perfect for the task! 

Of course, for this fall date idea, you’ll need costumes of your own. Plan on dressing up in kid-friendly costumes and going for a stroll around the neighborhood with the wee ones. Then, if you want to up the spooky factor, plan on watching a horror film together or hitting up a haunted attraction after returning the kiddos home. 

7. Pass out Candy Together 

Rather marvel at all the costumes without leaving your home? Then invite your date over for an at-home date night where you pass out candy to all the tiny goblins and witches in your neighborhood. You can decorate your house like a haunted graveyard, brew up some Halloween-themed cocktails, and sit on the porch together greeting all the little ones—bonus points if you and your date decide to dress up, too!

8. Plan a Scary Movie Marathon 

Want to get in the Halloween spirit? Then a scary movie marathon is in order! Plan a nail-biting night-in with horror films and slasher flicks lined up, from cult classics like Friday the 13th to newer ones like the Saw series. But if you’d rather go more spooky than scary, you can’t go wrong with favorites like The Craft, Halloweentown, and Hocus Pocus. Once you’ve got your movie lined up for you and your date, be sure to grab popcorn and candy for munchies. 

9. Get a Thrill at A Halloween-Themed Amusement Park

Another great Halloween date idea is to plan an evening at your local amusement park. As if amusement parks weren’t already great date spots, many of them host Halloween events, where they deck the park out in the spookiest of ways. Countless amusement parks host mazes, scare zones, Halloween parades, and spooktacular performances throughout the month of October that are sure to scare your socks off! Invite your date along for a day filled with adrenaline rushes, from the hair-raising thrill rides to the creepy creatures haunting the pathways!

10. Go to a Pumpkin Patch 

Not all Halloween dates have to scare you and your date silly! For a more laid-back fall date idea that still brings on the romance, head over to your local pumpkin patch for a fall fair. Chances are, there will be hayrides, corn mazes, costume contests, and maybe even some spooky attractions along the way. In fact, some pumpkin patches may even turn spooky after hours with scary events geared toward the older crowd. 

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